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How to lose post delivery weight

Hello to all new mommies and to be moms. Today’s blog is special for our female readers. As we all know that pregnancy is a very beautiful experience and we ladies enjoy every moment of being a mom. But a slight thing always strike our mind to the whole 9 months and even after our delivery that “Will I be able to lose the post delivery weight?” This is very common tension which normally all females have to face during pregnancy. Today we will discuss in our blog that how you can lose your post delivery weight to stay fit and healthy. Have a look at some of the basic guidelines to lose your baby weight:

  • Know your body: All the women bodies are different and they also react differently. Know about your body that what suits you. Is your body ready to do hard exercise, or to make a change in your daily meal? Female bodies go through many changes during pregnancy. First, try to know what changes your body had adopted and how they are reacting if you’re making any changes in your daily life. This is the primary and basic things to notice so that you can take further steps of weight loss.
  • Avoid Dieting: Most people think that weight loss can be done easily through dieting. The avoiding of your proper meal can give you a negative result. After delivery, your body needs nutrition, vitamins and many other essential things. But if you will avoid eating your body will become weak. On the other hand, if you will not get the proper nutrition then how your breastfeeding baby will get them. He will also have to suffer from the lack of many essential healthy things. Instead of dieting, try to eat healthy and nutritious things.
  • Water: Intake of water properly and stay healthy. Water can hydrate your body to improve your metabolism which helps in managing weight.
  • Exercise: The new mommies ask your doctor that when you can start the exercise. Whether its normal delivery or c-section, you have to take care of your body. Get a checkup and take healthy certificate before starting exercise to avoid any internal injuries. Start with basic and easy exercise to know whether your body is comfortable with it or not.
  • Proper sleep: The new moms need at least eight hours of sleep to stay healthy and agile. The lack of sleep also affects your metabolism which in return slows down your weight loss process. So, try to take proper naps or you can sleep when your baby is sleeping to avoid disturbance.
  • Its snacks time: Now you are a breastfeeding mother so it is very obvious that you will feel hunger thrice times more as compare to your former days when you were not even pregnant. Add 3-4 snacks time in your meal and take the healthy food at that time. You can take Fruits, nuts, whole grains, vegetable soups, yogurt and many other nutritious things to maintain your body weight.
  • Dance: If you are a dance lover then shake your body to lose your weight. No other exercise is as good as dance. This is the process of losing weight through enjoyment. So, feel like a girl and dance freely. This is better than many other hard workouts.

Being fit and in shape gives you the energy to handle your newborn babies. It is very important to maintain your former weight after delivery so that you stay away from many diseases like thyroid and obesity. The weight put on during pregnancy and after delivery is a very common thing. You can’t do anything because this is natural. But the only thing you can do is the post-pregnancy weight loss. Normally the 5-6 kg weight among your increased weight is lost as soon as you deliver the baby. The rest you have to lose with your hard work.

Here is a list of Things to do during pregnancy and after delivery. Have a look to get some beneficial knowledge if you really want to lose your weight.

Things to do list

  1. The weight loss process starts as soon as you get pregnant. From the starting try to avoid oily and fatty things. Eat healthy foods and drinks a lot of water. And doctors also say that healthy food gives you a healthy baby.
  1. Take a walk during pregnancy. This will give strength to your body for nine months and during delivery. Even you have to take a normal walk after one week of your delivery. This is a slow but effective process of losing weight.
  1. As per my experience, many people advise us to avoid so many household works. But I personally haven’t listened to any of them. I just talked to my doctor, she told me to do everything from the 4th month of pregnancy. This really worked and I hardly gained 7-8 kg weight after delivery. So, if you have a pregnancy without complications then do some household work to stay fit. Consult with your doctor to clear your misconception.
  1. Keep in mind that always follows the guidelines given by the doctors. Ask the doctor for the foods, fruits and vegetables which you can eat according to your health. If you feel that any food is allergic to your body then do consult with your doctor to know some other substitute of any nutritious food.
  1. If you are addicted to smoking and alcohol then say bye to them. These are not good for your health as well as your baby’s health. A breastfeeding mother should not consume all these things. These are the things which gain so much weight and also harm your body parts.


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