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How To Look Younger And Youthful

Be active and smart always, age is just numbers – we tend to act, dress and speak as per our perception of what we should or shouldn’t do at a certain age. All said and done, youth is something all of us chase.  All of us have, at some point or another, marveled at a celebrity’s ageless looks and often wondered about how that timeless beauty is achieved. Make-up and grooming do help to take years off our looks. No matter what your chronological age is, it is possible with a few simple tricks to look more youthful.

Always Stand Tall: Pulling in your stomach, standing erect with the shoulders pulled back adds inches to our height and shaves off years from our age. A straight-backed stance projects a positive image that is associated with youth  and  vitality

Get The Proper Haircut: Long hair tied up in a bun projects a dowdy image. Keeping the length of hair short and manageable tends to make us look younger. Blunt cuts or U cuts wherein the length of hair is kept between the chin and shoulder are best. Greys in hair must be covered using hair dye or henna masks.

Keep Skin Moisturized: Ageing is reflected first in the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. To keep wrinkles at bay, it is important to keep skin plump and moisturized. Use of sunscreen is a must while going out in the sun. The use of a moisturizer immediately adds shine to the skin and smoothens out the fine lines.

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Use mascara and eyelash curler to brighten the eyes. The use of mascara immediately brightens the eyes and accentuates them. The use of an eyelash curler as the last part of the makeup routine makes the eyes the most noticeable feature and takes away attention from facial flaws.

Dress appropriately: The choice of outfit is of prime importance to looking younger. If you dress like an older person, chances are you are going to look older than your age. Choose colours and outfits which are elegant but youthful-looking. The new trends of leggings and kurtas, Kurtis, and trousers and sarees in light fabrics and summery colours do give a youthful look.

Makeup in muted colours: Lip and nails made up in light colours help in projecting a youthful image.

Reduce extra weight: Lose the extra pounds by exercising and through a healthy diet.

Use sunscreen: Sunscreen used regularly and a scent containing pink grapefruit is found to help in looking younger.

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