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How To Look Sexy At 40

Who would not want to look smart, classy, and sexy after 40? If you keep in mind that you haven’t gone over the hill and there is still life after 40, you are already halfway towards achieving the cool ‘so-what-if-I am-40’ look!

It’s all in the attitude.  If you feel young, wear the right type of trendy clothes and have the right attitude, there is nothing to stop you from looking sexy after 40!  There are some styles and trends you have to steer clear of.  Or else you would be in the middle of a fashion disaster or a fitting example for the wrong kind of anachronism! A style that is attractive and elegant, sensuous, and yet not exaggerated – this is what would suit a person on the wrong side of 40.

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Choose wisely for your wardrobe; try on clothes you feel you would be comfortable with and yet appear trendy.  Many clothes look different when worn, rather than how they appear on the boutique shelves; take time to try them out – maybe you will find some remarkably suitable wear that emphasizes your appeal.  Taking a buddy along will be of great help during this kind of shopping. He/she will be able to help you choose the right kind of combinations that look great on you.

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Here are 14 smart tips to help you look sexy at 40

  1. Stay away from figure-hugging clothes; they only emphasize your age
  2. Stay away from teen brands; opt for brands made for your age group
  3. Buy that kind of clothes that essentially boost your confidence
  4. Do not wear deep necked dresses
  5. Wear the top un-tucked – it will camouflage a heavy waistline
  6. Wear vertical striped patterns rather than horizontal to create an illusion of being slimmer
  7. Wear clothes that emphasize what is attractive about your figure and hide what isn’t
  8. Well cut clothes make you look more attractive than the revealing ones at this age
  9. Buy different clothes for different dos; you cannot wear bright colors and dare-to-be-different suits for your children’s school events! Keep the attire sober, without appearing dowdy; keep it trendy without appearing loud. Your children will love you for this
  10. For parties and evening dos choose a backless gown; a long gown with a slit is fine too if it makes you look cool and stylish
  11. If you have great legs, a mini skirt is not a no-no at all; if you have nice calves, wear a knee-length skirt to show them off
  12. Remember to polish your toenails and wear shoes that show them off
  13. Wear trendy but sensible shoes like sandals with kitten heels (shoes with a two-inch slender heal)
  14. Style your hair in a manner that accentuates your looks; seek the advice of your beautician for more tips about your hairstyle and make-up

Whatever you wear, take care to see that the general style emphasizes class, dignity, and elegance.  The right diet, enough sleep, regular exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle will help maintain your attractive appearance …maybe you will be sought for advice about “how to look wonderful even after 50” eventually!

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