How To Improve Your Concentration

You are said to concentrate if you are focusing your total attention on something. Concentration is the power of focusing. You should possess enough willpower to concentrate on anything as and when you want to. You should not allow any distractions around you to divert your attention or deviate from your targeted matter. Concentration is a very powerful strategy needed for any achievement. You can be successful in your endeavors only if you are able to concentrate on your processes. There are some simple methods to improve your concentration.  

If you feel that your concentration is not adequate, you should cultivate your mind to improve your concentration through certain easy techniques. Count your steps when you walk. Count while inhaling, hold your breath for the same counts and exhale for the same counts. Let the counts be in accordance with your comfort of breathing. This breathing exercise will improve alertness in you. Your mind becomes calm and quiet. You will feel refreshed. Your focusing power increases. One of the reasons for your inability to concentrate is that you have your mind cluttered with so many matters. If you need concentration you should have a quiet and clear mind. Thrusting many worries in your mind also can weaken your concentrating ability.


Enhancing your willpower is the next strategy to improve your concentration. You become stronger and determined with improved willpower. Stop your mind loitering around. You should take stern steps to keep your mind focused.  When you are performing a task, focus your attention that only on expelling and preventing irrelevant thoughts. When walking to reach a place, count your steps and try to remember them. This practice will teach you that your mind is in your control. Even though difficult, this practice can stop the oscillations of your mind.

Like toning your muscle, you should train your will. You may have to take pains for this but the results are rewarding. Your character can get a positive shape with proper exercises given to your will. Can you delay your meals intentionally when you are hungry? It is not easy, but train your will to achieve this. When you are in the process of doing a difficult job with hard trials if your mind wants you to take a break by attending to something else, turn down its request and continue with your job. This kind of exercise will increase the strength of your will and enable you to concentrate steadily on an activity. Restrain your urges of conduct while interacting with others.

The next strategy is to become a time manager. Plan your activities for every day and follow this in a disciplined manner. You can improve your concentration with simple exercises such as staring at the second hand of your watch for about two minutes. Your wandering mind will become still with this practice.

Concentration can be improved by reading a new passage in a book and then recollecting it verbatim. If you do this practice every day for five minutes, it will yield the fruit in a few months. 

To protect the mind from distractions you can shut your eyes and try to concentrate on something.

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