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How to handle a teenage breakup

Teenage Breakup might be hard to handle as the teens experience a new set of emotions which makes them feel sad, lonely and unaccepted. They might feel worthless without the belongingness of their companion. For them, their world comes to an end which induces teens to get involved in drinking alcohol or taking drugs which further cause huge damage to their body and brain. Their life gets scattered and they feel devastated. At this moment, it is the duty of parents, friends, and relatives to pamper the scattered soul with love and care and enlighten them with the true understanding of love in their lives.

So, let’s have a look at some of the amazing points that can surely help the teenagers to cope up with their breakup and help them to build enough courage to let go and  move forward in their lives and achieve success:

1. Take your time

Getting over a breakup is not easy and it takes time. This time is different for everybody. Don’t rush yourself. This will not last forever. That’s ok. There are good days ahead waiting for you. Accept the reality and try to move on. So, start looking for things normal as it was earlier. Go and try to find new reasons to feel happy and excited again. You can make new friends but don’t go for a new relationship. As it can lead to more heartbreak. So just make friends nothing more.

2. Keep you busy

Go back to your routine and keep you busy. You can do things which keeps you happy like reading, homework, chores, movies, family outings, sports practices, etc. It is generally a good idea to keep life as normal as possible. You can also go for shopping if you want. It will surely elevate your mood and help in clearing your sad thoughts. Do something fun to take your mind off the negative feelings a while. It really helps. You may try a new hobby. You may redecorate your room. You should do other things too which can give you happiness and you should focus on your studies too.

3. Maintain your routine

It is very important to maintain your routine and follow it with discipline. It will help you to cope better with heartbreak. In this way, you can have less time to think about what happened. When you remain with your routine activities, you will feel less depressed. Just wake up at regular times, get ready for the day, attend your school, attend your class, focus on your studies, do assignments and so on. It will be very helpful. It will occupy your mind and you can freely follow your routine and let the mind of the pain.

4. Don’t be afraid to cry

A breakup can be a really tough time and crying can be a big help at this moment. Cry as much as you want but once it’s over it means over. Do not cry again and again for the same person. I know you may be upset and the grieving process will help you heal but breakup really isn’t a big deal. It is a part of our life. You can still start your life again with more happiness. Just let out that feeling and concentrate on other things too.

5. Talk to your friends or family

Talking to your family or best friend will really work. In fact, you can talk to anyone whom you trust and able to talk about how you feel. Just talk it out. It may take a while but it will be really helpful. You may feel light and relax after the talk. Parents here need to encourage their child to talk with their friends if he or she is willing to and tell them they are not alone, they have your back whenever they need it. Your support will give strength to your child. And if possible just be there whenever they need you and reassure them that they are going to get through this. If you are not willing to talk with anyone you can write it down. You can write your feelings in a diary or in a journal and put it in a safe place.

6. Take care of yourself

Take good care of yourself. Get lots of sleep, exercise regularly, eat healthy food. This will help you to decrease stress and you may feel better. Don’t try to harm yourself just because of that stupid breakup. Be kind to yourself. You deserve to feel good. Hangout with your friends or go for a movie or out for dinner. Do things that make you feel yourself. Don’t think too much about what happened.

7. Don’t develop bad habits

After a breakup, some people look for the wrong ways to make themselves feel better. They may start consuming drugs or drinking alcohol or do smoking. These things can be dangerous to do. It is not the right way to handle a breakup. It is worth to stop yourself before something destructive happens. Take away your mind from these bad habits and try to engage in something which is productive. Be very careful and check that your child does not go towards addictive substances such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. It can do more harm than good. These substances will only take your pain for some time. Keep your life as normal as possible. Try to make a few alterations which are generally a good idea. Instead of developing bad habits, use your anger or frustration into something positive. Enroll you in activities where you can make good use of your feelings. You can go for something such as kickboxing or judo. You can channel your anger in these activities.

Final Words

Therefore, Breakups might be depressing but it helps the teenagers to build a better understanding of the relationships and provides knowledge about the importance of self-love and self-care in their lives. So, be strong and be brave and let true love find its way to you.

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