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How to get rid of Constipation in babies!

The constipation is a very common thing in most of the babies. But on the other hand, it is also a serious condition which can cause abdominal pain. If a baby is not passing his stool clearly and comfortably that simply means he is suffering from constipation.  At that time they feel very irritated because of gas, indigestion and hard stool. As a parent, you have to understand the constipation signs of a baby which shows that he is constipated. Let us discuss the Constipation problems in babies which will surely help you to understand and know about the reason and solution to relieve from constipation.

Before you know about the remedies to cure constipation let us discuss the reason behind constipation. If you will know the reason then it will be easy to prevent your baby from being constipated.

Reason for Constipation in babies

  • If a baby is having hard stool they will feel pain in doing a poo. And thus babies avoid passing stool and they suffer from constipation.
  • The lack of fluid in the diet causes constipation in babies. This is your duty to hydrate your baby’s bodies properly.
  • If you have recently started solidly to your baby then might he will not digest the food very soon. It might also happen that because you have started solid you are not giving him liquid in the proper amount. The lack of liquid and increasing solid foods can be a reason for constipation.
  • Try to observe that you recently started formula milk or any solid foods is not the reason for constipation in babies. You can use their other substitute if it is the reason.
  • Lack of breast milk can also cause constipation in babies. Feed your baby the breast milk as much as possible. There are many other Benefits of Breast milk.

Symptoms of Constipation in Babies

  • Irregular Bowel Movement: If your baby is not passing his stool on a regular basis then might he is suffering from Constipation. However, it is said that the baby who is only on breast milk is having less bowel movement. This is because the breast milk has many nutrients in it and the body absorbs all the nutrients.
  • Consistency of Stool: constipation cannot be defined by the frequency of going poo but by its hard consistency.
  • Blood in poo: If you notice any red blood marks in the stool then do contact with a doctor as soon as possible. This is a serious symptom of having so bad constipation. The straining during passing the hard stool can tear the anal walls which result in the blood in the poo.
  • Straining: If your baby strains too much during bowel movement then it is because of the constipation problem. The hard stool makes your baby push and passes the waste.
  • Don’t want to eat: If your baby is constipated then he will not show interest to eat the foods or drinking milk because of having discomfort in his tummy.

Remedies to cure Constipation

As we have talked about the causes and symptoms of constipation, the next thing to be discussed is the Remedies to cure Constipation. There are many home remedies which will let you know how to get rid of Constipation in babies. Our baby is unable to speak and say us their problems. It is our duty to understand their problem and give them remedies to come up from the colic. Have a look at some of the common remedies for constipation:

  • If your baby is breastfeeding then try to adjust with your foods which can make your baby constipated. Avoid the highly constipated foods that you eat.
  • Increase water consumption in your baby’s meal. The lack of water is responsible for constipation.
  • If your baby is 8-9 months old then you can give him prune, apple or orange juice. These juices have a natural laxatic effect which helps in relieving constipation.
  • Give your baby the high fibre foods which include rice cereals, oats and whole grain foods and dairy foods which will help in curing constipation.
  • A bowl of fruits is also helpful in relieving constipation. Apricots, pears, prunes, peaches, and plums are the best foods to eat.
  • Give your baby the bicycle exercises which will help to release some abdominal pressure and get down the waste from the tummy.
  • Sometimes the message on the tummy also makes pressure to pass stool. You can place your hand on belly button and massage in the clockwise motion to relax your baby from constipation.
  • A warm bath will help your baby to be relaxed and it will be the best time for the baby massage so that he can be relieved from constipation.

If these things are not working and your baby is still suffering from constipation then it is advised you to consult with your doctor.

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