How to get Pregnant with Twins

Twins are twice the fun! For most of us, having and nurturing one child at a time is enough. We often attribute multiple pregnancies as an act of Fate. There are many expectant parents the world over who would want to have twins- to go through the stages of child-rearing at one shot for more than one child at a time. 

Scientists are yet not sure about what causes multiple conceptions though research has thrown up interesting factors which raise the possibility of a twin conception:

  1. Conceive Late: Women over 35 are more likely to release multiple eggs during ovulation and hence, have a higher than average possibility of conceiving twins.  Age and Twin conception: The likelihood of a woman above 45 conceiving twins is 17 percent higher than the same possibility in a woman below 25.
  2. Fertility drugs: Women who opt for fertility drugs to assist ovulation are likely to release multiple eggs during ovulation and hence, more likely to conceive twins.  Fertility specialists can suggest specific drugs that can be helpful in releasing multiple eggs.
  3. The other factor that contributes to the birth of twins is when the mother conceives while still taking pills.


Other factors contributing to twin pregnancy

  • Heredity plays an important part in twin conceptions. Twins occur more where one of the parents is a twin. This is one factor that cannot be controlled. 
  • Race: However, research has found that in areas of Nigeria, 1 in 20 births is found to be of twins. A diet rich in yam is thought to be the cause. Women of African and Latin American parentage are more likely to conceive twins are compared to those of Caucasian parentage. The oriental race is least likely to conceive twins.
  • In other areas of the world where twin pregnancies are more common, a diet rich in dairy products is thought of as being the cause of a higher than average incidence of twin pregnancy.
  • Women who have had other children previously are likely to conceive twins.

Assisted reproductive techniques and twins:

In I VF, doctors usually place more than one fertilized egg in the womb, in the hope that at least one of the eggs will survive. In certain cases, more than one transplanted egg survives, leading to a twin pregnancy.

Twins and breastfeeding: Mothers who were already breastfeeding an older child were more likely to conceive twins.

Overweight mothers and twins: Expectant mothers who were of above-average height and weight were more likely to conceive twins in comparison with women of normal height and weight. The likelihood of twin conception goes up even higher in women who were obese. Studies have shown that women with a BMI of 30 or more are more likely to get pregnant with twins.

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