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How to decorate room for your kids

Kids’ rooms can be created with much fun and love. From inspired treehouse beds to paint colors- you can design the room in more contemporary ways. There are many creative ways that will let your offspring look back at it with fond memories. The room is a place where he has to be in every moment and every phase of life. So, let it be the cornerstone of some creativity and imagination.

Color-coordinate the closet

Bins, baskets, organizers can be done in the white scheme. It will look nice and lovely.

Invest in a great bed

That could be a prominent feature of the room that beds can be innovated. For example treehouse bed or mickey mouse bed.

Paint a chalkboard wall

It is a lot of fun and entertaining. Whenever they need new wallpaper, they can go ahead and do some creativity in their rooms. They can create some fresh wallpaper in order to redecorate it. This is very innovative in a sense.

Get some funky bedsheets

Get some innovative bedsheets that can be changed according to the mood.

Create a photo wall

Create a photo wall of memories of your child’s childhood and put these pics in an organized manner.

Make your own artwork

Put your favorite photo cut-outs and decorate the main wall of the room.

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Pick a paint that matches the mood

Choose a soothing wall color that gives an ease-into-sleep feel. There are many calming hues that can be done. Paint gives many colors and feels to the walls it decorates plus gives some relaxation point. So, paint in the color which is most likable by your kid.

Kid office

Create a discrete area where they can do homework, away from the tv and other distractions. Kid office can be created.

Build a cosy reading nook

Cuddle-worthy seating along with good lights can be done. A bookcase can be stocked with favorite night-time fairy tales for the children. Keep the books which he enjoys.

Have some fun with storage

Who says lockers have to be boring? Paint them and have some fun with the storage.

Make the room do double work

A dresser can work storage for office supplies as well as both a changing table. 

Give new meaning to the term gallery wall

Put the masterpieces on the wall and let your kid enjoy his creativity.

Show off their best work

Acrylic pieces that are best can be installed and let the praises roll in.

Sneak in extra storage space

Multi-pocket organizers on a closet door can display hair ties, sunglasses, trinkets, and some reminder notes from Mom.

Setup a play station

Carve out a play area that sparks the imagination. Like clothing items for dress-up.

Don’t forget the arts and crafts area.

School projects which need poster board, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue can be made available at the arts and crafts corner. So, this way have some fun with crafts and arts area. Put everything in and let your child’s imagination flow.

Tuck storage in everywhere

Exploit all opportunities for storage, like a bed with organizers and pull-out bins. Even the step stool can have a secret stash.

Repurpose a bookshelf for toy storage

Hide it with curtains and get creative with the shelf. Here, you can apply much enthusiasm and come up with various ideas of how shelves will look in the room. You can apply stickers as well. 

Rethink the coat rack

You can rethink the coat rack with art supplies and play gear. Rethink it and design it the way you like for your kid.


There can be a theme with which it can be organized. For example: in geographical boundaries of a map’s theme or it can dog park theme as well.

So, there are many ideas that can be rethought and applied with fun to create a room full of fantasies and imagination. Here is the room where the kid has to live the most entire life. It is his tourist spot. So, let him do all the stuff that he can do with a designer room. Let him chalkboard, let him paint and storage space has to be much organized. Let the kid have some fun and immerse in much creativity.

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