stubborn Child

How to deal with stubborn Child

The most difficult challenges in the whole parenthood period are to deal with stubborn children. Some parents stay calm and try to make them understand the difference between good and bad. While there are many parents who are short-tempered and it became impossible for them to deal with their Kids. You should know these Top 8 signs of bad parenting.

There is no particular thing for which a child can start a battle with their parents. They can fight for every little thing which depends totally on their mood. To stop the child from being stubborn is the process from the age from 1-2 years when baby starts to understand the different circumstances.

Have you ever thought why a child becomes stubborn? This is actually the mistake of parents as they give the response to their kids even in their wrong behaviour. The best way to deal with the stubborn kid is to neglect them while they were not behaving properly. Pay attention to them only if they are behaving good and well and demanding the correct things.

Here are some of the basic features of a stubborn child which will help you in understanding that your baby is towards the path of being Stubborn.

  • Stubborn children have quality and urge to be always leader while playing with other kids. They don’t want to be controlled with any other. They have a bossy nature.
  • They are very intelligent and creative.
  • They ask a number of questions to their parent if they are denied to do anything they want.
  • A stubborn kid has the power of listening because they always think that at last, they will get what they want.
  • The kids are extremely independent and they don’t want anyone to judge them.
  • They tend to complete the task which once they have started. It is, however, the best quality of a stubborn child but not always.
  • Very short temper and gets angry and frustrating at every little thing.
  • Never hesitate in doing things which they really want to do. The place, people and even parents do not affect them in doing their desired wanting.

Tips to handle stubborn children

It is very necessary to handle or deal with the stubborn child in such a way that they get understand about their wrongdoings. Another thing is to know why they doing such wrong behaviour and what had made them do so. Sometimes the stubborn nature comes from genetic while some times the children acquired this type of stubborn behaviour by observing other kids as well as family members. Whatever be the reason but a stubborn child is always disliked by others. So, if your baby is stubborn then take action quickly and teach to behave well. Here are some tips to help you in changing your kid’s behaviour.

  • Don’t make arguments: Argument happens when there is communication from both sides. Don’t argue with your kids because it will make then angry and frustrating. We are very elder than their age. We have the capability to control our anger emotions but the kids get hurt very easily and especially from his parents. So instead of arguing try to make them understand the thing peacefully. If you will show your kind heart always to them then they will also tell their opinion in a calm and well behaviour manner.
  • Listen: The family and parents are the first ones who taught the kids about everything. The family is the one to whom the kids always follow. If you listen to their talks then they will also listen to you. If you want your kid to listen to you, you have to be willing to listen to them first. Make peaceful communication to let them know that being stubborn is not a good thing.
  • Stop forcing the kids: Always forcing the kids to do your likings will make them stubborn. Change your forcing nature. Instead of telling them no to everything, show interest in what they do. This will create a bond between both of you as well as they will also try to understand why you say No for some of their doings.
  • Don’t order them: A stubborn child would never like to be controlled by anyone, be it his mom or dad. Instead of giving the order to do anything, give them an option in which he has to choose his likings. If you will tell them to choose their liking this will make them understand that his opinion also has some values. Don’t give him many options because it will again confuse them and they will eager to do three-four things together.
  • Respect your kids: As we have discussed above that the kids learn from their parents. So if you want your kid to respect you and your decisions, you need to respect them. Respect in all his sayings and then say him the bad side of what he is saying. This will make them understand why you are saying no to him.
  • Discipline: Discipline is the main key to be a gentle person. From starting to keep your baby in the discipline. Tell how to behave at home, in public places and in front of strangers. If once they will know how to maintain the discipline then they will also know that being stubborn is not a good thing.
  • Try to understand them: It is very necessary to know what the kids want and why he is doing so. Try to understand the situation by thinking in the way your children think. The more you know your kid, the better you can deal with their stubborn streak. Sometimes the child denies doing something because of some genuine reason but as they are stubborn so we as a parent always think that our child is misbehaving.
  • Punishments: The punishments are very important to let your kid know that he is doing wrong. Punishment doesn’t mean that you are beating your kid like an animal or throw him out from the house. You have to punish them with such actions which directly strike their mind. Cutting down the playtimes, Say no to watching television and many such small things. This should be done not to punish them but to make them realize that they are doing wrong.

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