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How to Help Someone With Depression

Handling a depressed person is not easy. At the height of the depression, a person may try to commit suicide also. A depressed person is deprived of energy for performing activities. As commonly mistaken, depression has no link to emotion. Depressed people need special attention and treatment for their recovery. By following certain methods you can deal with a depressed person in an easier manner.

Extra Care for Depressed Persons

You should take care that the depressed person is not loaded with additional problems. Depressed people are already stocking a bunch of problems in them. These people are not capable of handling any more problems. Therefore, you should always try to deliver to these persons only positive connotations. Further, you should not add stress to the depressed person. The depressed person will not immediately react to the stress but will seek isolation and try to cry alone. The extra stress can create harm only and so crying is healthy, but you should be aware that this person is not capable of withstanding additional stress.

Don’t Overload the Person with Work

Try to avoid assigning any additional work to the depressed person. The depressed person does not have adequate energy to perform any extra task. If at all it becomes inevitable, after explaining to the depressed person about the task, you should leave it there and you should not pressurize that person for performing that task. Allow that person to do the task to the possible extent. Anyway, overloading a depressed person with additional tasks is not advisable.


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Care and Nurture the Depressed Person

When dealing with a depressed person, caring for that person is of utmost importance. One of the best contributions you can make to a depressed person is caring and nurturing that person. Love and care given to a depressed person can speed up the recovery of that person. If the depressed person is placed in an environment providing love and care, it largely helps the recovery of that person.

Listen to the Depressed Person Regarding His/Her Problems

If the depressed person happens to be your friend, talk to that person softly with an aim to allow that person to come out with the actual problems. Now you should act as a good listener only. Do not interrupt the depressed person. Avail the little pauses only to express yourself by saying ‘Oh!’, ‘Really’, ‘Fine!’ and such small exclamations, so that it becomes an active listening. You can then chalk out your plan to deal with these problems. When a depressed person starts approaching the problems in a planned manner, it makes that person feel good and recovery is not far away for that person.  A proper approach to the problems enables finding solutions easily. However, be careful that you do not share your experiences with that person. This can only aggravate the severity of the condition in that person.

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Don’t Let the Depressed Person Stay Alone

Do not allow the depressed person to be alone for a very long time, even if you are convinced that suicidal thoughts have not possessed that person. Allowing that person to ventilate the feelings is essential. Give enough time to build trust.

If the person is seriously depressed and is coming out with suicidal thoughts even after your trials as mentioned above, do not be overconfident, but call a competent professional in this field for help. This is not for helping out yourself, but to help that person suffering from depression

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