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How To Condition Your Hair Properly

A hair conditioner is basically a hair care product that is available for the different available hair types. These hair conditioners work on the hair and make it stronger. They also moisturize the hair and prevent it from escaping. Most hair conditioners provide temporary benefits. This means that they strengthen and moisturize the hair on a short-term basis. This is because the hair care product does not go deep into the follicles. Instead, it merely allows a thin layer of protection to settle on the surface of the hair. If the conditioner is compatible with the shampoo you are using, it will additional benefits and strengthen the hair for a longer period of time. Hair conditioners should not be confused with other hair care treatments that go deep into the scalp and provide permanent moisture to the hair.

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The different types of hair conditioners available

  • Conditioners that re-construct the hair and make it much stronger than before
  • Conditioners that seal the cuticles and therefore, make the hair stronger and smoother than before
  • Conditioners that contain extra moisture. These work towards balancing the moisture content of the hair and preventing it from getting dry.
  • Conditioners that act as thermal protectors. They protect the hair from getting damaged by excess heat.

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How to apply the conditioner properly

After you have shampooed your hair and rinsed out the product properly, either let it dry naturally or towel dry it for best results. Next, rub a teaspoon of the conditioners all over your hands. This allows the product to get evenly distributed over the hair. Run your hands through the hair till the end. Make sure that you concentrate on the tips of the hair and not on the scalp. However, do not apply more than a tea-spoon as an excess of hair conditioner can make the hair lifeless. If your hair becomes drier than usual during a certain time of the year, be extra careful while using a conditioner during this time. If you have hair that dries out easily, look for conditioner created especially for dry hair.

Most people complain that their hairs feel ‘weighed down’ after using a conditioner. This could be due to the improper use of conditioners. This could happen if

  • You apply the conditioner all over the scalp instead of just the ends
  • You apply about 2 tea spoons of conditioner and do not remove it properly
  • You use a conditioner that is not suited for your hair type.

A number of conditioners available today can be left in the hair. The individual does not need to rinse it out. These conditioners are especially useful as they moisturize the hair by penetrating deep into it.

If you wish to volumize your hair, use a conditioner that is created for that purpose. When you apply the product to the ends of your hair, the acidifiers in the product work together and preserve the pH balance of the hair.

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How to use homemade conditioners properly

Tropical conditioners- A tropical conditioner can be created by mixing crushed avocado with coconut milk. Make sure the concoction is as thick as shampoo. Apply it onto the hair and use a comb to distribute it evenly. Wash it out after 15 minutes.

Coconut oil- If you heat coconut oil at a high temperate and apply it to the hair, it can prove to be extremely beneficial for the hair. Washing it out after 15 minutes is recommended but if you leave it on overnight, it can provide additional benefits and make the texture of the hair smoother and shinier.

Protein conditioner- If you mix egg whites and natural yogurt together, it will create a foamy mixture that should then be applied to the hair evenly but slowly. After you wash it out for 15 minutes, you will notice that the texture of your hair is considerably smoother.

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Apple cider vinegar- Mix apple cider with water and apply it to the hair. Wash it out after a few minutes.

Even though a large number of people do not rely on conditioners, they are highly recommended as they repair damaged hair. Even though you may not notice results immediately, eventually your hair will get smoother and easier to handle.

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