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How To Conceive Quickly

Having regular sexual intercourse and still not getting pregnant is a common issue. Many things matter in sexual intercourse and conceiving such as the lifestyle of both the partners. Most importantly you should make sure that you are having sex with your partner in a proper and regular cycle.

Carrying the baby in a womb for 9 months is a very tough thing that females do at least one time in their life. But producing a baby is not done by females only. It is a job of two human beings, male and female. Therefore, slower conceiving is not always because females have an issue in eggs or in the fallopian tube. It can also be due to not so healthy sperms which slow down the conceiving.

Top Tips To get pregnant fast

Read this article to follow up on the overview of tips on how to get your eggs fertilized quickly, in short how to get pregnant faster.

  1. If you smoke or drink on a regular basis then you have to stop it, yes!! You and your partners should quit this unhealthy habit for faster conceiving. Smoking and alcohols affect the genes to an extreme extent in both females (eggs) and males (sperms). In males, smoking and alcohol blocks the production of sperms and also decreases the size of testicles. Smoking and drinking habits in females affect them more than males. It affects the cervical mucus which at last affects the way of sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it. In fact, it increases the chances of miscarriage in females.
  2. Exercising daily is very important if you want to conceive faster. Regular burning of calories helps a lot in healthy and fast conceiving in females. If you are not habitual of regular exercises than prepare yourself for some easy and smooth workout if you really want to conceive faster. If your periods are irregular or you are missing them constantly then consult a doctor and do moderate exercise which keeps you healthy and fit. Exercising daily is okay but make sure that you do not overheat your body on a regular basis. Many studies have shown that women who over-exercise (for example female athletes) to maintain their bodies are less likely to get conceive. Therefore do not over-exercise. In fact, even males should avoid exercising otherwise it can affect the sperm quality which slows down conceiving.woman smiling Parents Talks
  3. “Eating healthy” is the basic rule to stay healthy. Eating healthy food keep hormonal balance It maintains the quality of sperm and eggs which ultimately helps in conceiving. Both male and female should eat food which provides rich quality fiber, proteins, minerals, and necessary vitamins which will ultimately help in faster conceiving.
  4. Having sex on a regular basis can also help in conceiving faster. Many studies have shown that simple and regular sex can improve the quality to an extreme extent and also increase the number of sperms. In fact it also helps in boosting female organism which ultimately increases the chances of faster conceiving. Do not worry about the positions while having sex. “Positions affect a lot in conceiving rate” is just a myth and you should not believe this. Therefore simple and regular sex is okay and perfect for conceiving faster but the sex should be regular for increasing the rate of conceiving. There exist more funny myths like keep your legs in the air while lying in bed just after the sex. It is okay to lie in bed for how much time you want but keeping your legs up in the air won’t make you pregnant.
  5. Many studies have already proved and it is also a fact that with age the quality of sperm and egg diminish. Although in women the diminishing in egg quality with age is faster in that of men. A male who is below 40 has a much better quality of sperm (and better sperm count) than a male who is above 40. The lower the quality of sperm gets there are more chances that a father will transfer more abnormal genes to his baby through his sperm. The quality of semen reduces to a very significant extent in men with age and thus it diminishes sperm quality too. In females, the egg quality reduces with age but the rate of diminishing of egg quality is faster than that of the diminishing of sperm with age. According to various studies, the quantity of abnormal eggs in a woman in her 20s is only 20 percent whereas in women in their 40s have 80 percent of abnormal eggs.

Some Final Words

That is why people should also understand that conceiving in older age is very slow and is dangerous too because there are very fewer chances that you will give born to a healthy baby. All these studies are proved and their one should always plan a baby before 40 if possible thus keeping the baby and mother both healthy.

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