How to celebrate your child’s first birthday?

So this is the time for umpteen loves, as your child has grown big and this calls for some celebration! Here is the first birthday of your loved child and you want this time to be a super happy one. What a nice occasion it is if you go with some planning and taking care of your child. Safety also is a big consideration. You have to be on your toes with regards to some organization of the best party. This is it! This is where you go! This is the moment to be explored with your child as a mom and dad on his/her first birthday.

  1. Balloons and cake– Get designer and theme cakes like spiderman cake, mickey mouse cake, Barbie doll cake, etc. Do a decoration which will be loved by the invitees and fetch you some compliments. Make it a theme and let children roll in some fun and you can go for a magic show too.
  2. Bedsheet and basket photoshoot- Get a photoshoot done in new clothes with your baby and get some likes and comments on social media by posting a picture. It is in your hands how you go about it, do some preparation and throw a huge party to have some fun. So that it can be remembered too, you can put it on walls too.
  3. Call friends and invites- have some planning for swings too. Get some toys and gifts for the children of your neighborhood. Plan a surprise party which everyone loves.
  4. Buy a new dress- Buy a super cute dress for your lovely child. As the day is fresh and new, it is a special day after all. The new dress will make him look special throughout the entire day.
  5. Get a new haircut- on this special day; do prepare him with a new haircut. It will change his look and it will bring a little change for you.
  6. Family union/get-together- Invite everybody on your list and also, write thank you notes for them to join this lovely occasion. Make them feel easy when they are around. Give them kind gestures and accept their love as they are attending your kids’ party. It is an awesome feeling to be around little kids and their parents. It is a great get-together for your child and it will be like a remembrance for the years to come.child birthday celebration parentstalks
  7. Photo memories: when he grows big, he can see- make a presentation and combine them in a video so that it is a memory for a long. It will be a moment for him to cherish for long and in the times to come.
  8. Throw a big party for remembrance- Invite the neighborhood too and throw a party on a big scale. It is awesome to have lovely kids around as a guest list.
  9. Give return gifts– Give the kids return gifts and let them enjoy the party with food and drinks. It will be like a sweet gesture to turn things around.
  10. Picnic/outing- take them to a picnic in the pool and let them get respite from the heat. Like, going to a water park, etc. Plan something which has everybody’s heart. Go somewhere new and let children take the lead. You can go to a zoo and take and pack some foods which will let you explore things with little kids.
  11. Give him comics books to read- read everyone a story and give him a reading habit as a gift to cherish for a long. It will ultimately bring him to a new level of his development and it will make him explore the world with the reader’s eyes. Reading is one habit that he can imbibe and it will be like a treasure for the years to come.

So, ultimately celebration should go as wild as possible and let the feeling sink in for a few days as you remember everything that has been done on 1st birthday and does record stuff for your child. Be imaginative as possible and let the kids wander through the surroundings of themed decoration and let them enjoy the magic show and let the magician give them a feeling of utter surprise and eyes-opener magic tricks.

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