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How To Build Immunity With Ayurveda

A sound mind in a sound body is a saying that expresses the importance of staying healthy. Building a strong immunity is essential to prevent numerous ailments. When your body is healthy, it motivates you to pursue your dreams, lives a good life that is purposeful and fulfilling. Developing a good diet regime helps in having stable health. Dhatus in Ayurved are tissues that are responsible for boosting immunity. Eating right and taking good rest is a start to building a strong immune system. 

Ojas in Sanskrit means life, energy, vitality.  Genetic immunity is natural and can be maintained following these tips. With age immunity diminishes. When you work towards boosting your immunity and metabolism, it builds resilience and good health. Agni is the fire element of the body. When this element is impacted toxins build up ushering diseases. 

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Tips To Build Immunity

Gargling With Salt Water

Doing this before breakfast and going to bed removes congestion and phlegm from the throat. Bacteria and viruses are flushed out from the throat when you gargle with warm saltwater. It also clears the nasal passages. You can also gargle before and after meals so bacteria does not enter your body. When warm water is blended with salt, the concoction maintains the pH levels in the body and eliminates bacteria that leads to allergies, inflammation, and other conditions. 

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Well-balanced Diet On Time

Eating right and eating at appropriate times is essential to keep the mind, emotions, and body healthy. People in the ‘70s and ‘80s lived a better and healthy life because they maintained a routine of eating right and on time. Less snacking compared to what we do today let them live till their ripe age with sound health. The right diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with occasional fasting leads to better physical health. 

Unlike today’s urban lifestyle that binges on over-indulgence, erratic timing, leading to multiple emotional, physical, and mental problems. Ayurvedic techniques in diet focus on eating at the right time, which includes veggies, balanced condiments, and less spicy food. A heavy breakfast, followed by moderate lunch, and light dinner is the best way to build stronger immunity. 


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Choice of Drinks

Herbal teas are an elixir to better health and well being. While caffeine in moderate quantities can boost your mood and give you energy, binging on herbal tea has more benefits than coffee. Hot herbal teas break down fat and food faster, releasing energy. Sipping fruit water helps in building energy and good health. It stimulates the central nervous system eliminating anxiety and depression. Herbal tea is a mood and immunity booster. 


Practicing mindfulness comes with meditation. Your mind is trained to focus on the good, entertain good thoughts, and eliminate toxic perspectives and thinking. It calms your mind, sharpens your focus, and instills a quality of stillness that is good for your well-being. A stress buster and a mood booster, meditation solidifies your mental and emotional health which have a positive impact on immunity and your overall health. 

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Deep Sleep

Those who experience deep sleep are truly blessed because this has become rare and a must for everyone. Getting good sleep works like magic for your mental, physical, and emotional well being. Workaholics and those who spend long hours of work taking less time to sleep can include a few more hours to their sleep routine as it is a do-gooder. It helps your mind and body recuperate and eliminate stress from all day’s work. 

Yoga And Exercise

A regular routine of yoga is a great way to boost immunity. Daily practice of yoga eliminates toxic energy and waste from the body and ushers fresh energy. The body starts to breathe in fresh energy that improves vitality and increases metabolism. Vyayam boosts the fire or the Agni element in the body keeping you energetic. 

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Nutrition In Diet

Ingesting nutritious food that has minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients that helps in keeping the body healthy must be a part of your regular diet. A poor diet can lead to bad health and reduce the immunity of the body. Include fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet as it works like a miracle for your body healing and nourishing it every day with this diet. Avoid sweets and fried foods. Inculcate spices such as ginger, cardamon, and cinnamon as it boosts the Agni element, the vital energy in the body. 

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Lifestyle Changes

Sattiv lifestyle that relies on simple and healthy food eliminating addictions leads to healthy and better living. Nayasa, mudras, drinking warm water with lemon and honey are best friends of immunity. They love to enliven the life of immunity, keep it happy, and let it stay longer when you make these simple and effective lifestyle changes. Mindfulness, watching your thoughts, emotions, desires, can affect your physical health. When you include mindfulness in your lifestyle, it reduces cortisol, a stress hormone. 


Include Activities That Keep You Happy

Dopamine is the happy hormone that gets released when you feel happy. Include activities and hobbies that make you happy as it works as an immunity booster. Over the weekend many choose to take up classes or do activities such as hiking, sports, painting, music, etc that keep them in a good mood. When your mind is happy, stress-free, and in a good mood, you have a better chance of building your immunity. 

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Massage With Herbal And Essential Oils

Massage therapy eliminates toxic waste from the body. Herbal oils such as sesame, sunflower, grapeseed are great for the skin, mind, and body. It nourishes muscles, skin tissues, relaxes the mind and body. Warm baths with essential oils such as rose, lavender, patchouli, etc make your body pamper and relax the muscles. 


Sustaining good health takes work and devotion towards building good health as a conscious choice. Organic foods, healthy lifestyle changes, meditation, yoga, a nutritious diet, and sound sleep are a few things to include in your everyday life for better health and immunity. Choosing healthy food flush toxins and keep your body fit away from diseases. 

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