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How To Boost Your Fertility

It is quite easy for some couples to conceive while on the other hand, things may not work that easily for other couples. For some infertile couples, it is quite easy to find out the reason behind infertility through infertility diagnosis and tests and work accordingly in that direction. The problems may those associated with the fallopian tubes of the woman or low/ no sperm count in the male partner. But for the other couples, the task may not be that easy. You might just know that there is some problem but it is not possible to discover that problem. Such problems come under the category of subclinical problems.

It is general aspects that many of us take things for granted as in just have sex and get pregnant. It is very important to know the simple health moves that can increase your fertility and help you in conceiving a baby. This will help you to avoid reaching a stage that you are left with no other option but to go for medical treatment.

Tips to Boost Your Fertility

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy


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According to a recent study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health on some 17000 women, doctors reached up the conclusion that having a good diet can increase your chances of conceiving. It is suggested that instead of having Trans fats (those found in baked foods mainly), monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil) can be beneficial in increasing the chances of conceiving. Also, animal protein is not suggested, has more and more vegetable protein. Low glycemic, high fiber like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc can boost your fertility. Refined carbohydrates and sugar are not beneficial for your fertility count and are best avoided to improve your fertility. Also, it is advised to consume only a moderate amount of high-fat dairy products including ice cream.

Watch Your Weight



Excess body weight not just poses substantial risks to your health but also decreases your chances of conceiving. Excess body weight increases the production of certain hormones in the body. The overproduction of these hormones can disrupt your normal ovulation, by making your menstrual cycle irregular and decreasing ovulation. On the other hand, being underweight is also not a good sign. Since this would decrease the production of certain hormones that are required for ovulation and hence you may not be able to ovulate every month and even if you are able to conceive somehow then you may not be able to sustain the pregnancy for a long time.

Reduce Stress


Although there is no concrete proof for this fact according to a study conducted at Harvard’s Mind-Body Institute it was found that women who went under stress reduction therapy found drastic changes in their capability of conceiving. And women who were already undergoing fertility treatment found satisfactory results when their stress level was kept under control. A fair amount of exercise, rest, and a cheerful outlook can help in reducing stress levels greatly.


acupuncture body sleep

This ancient Chinese medical therapy can help you increase your fertility naturally at your home. Most of the doctors do not advise relying solely on acupuncture as a treatment of infertility. It is generally advised in conjunction with stress-relieving therapy or adopts it as a secondary means of cure. This can help to remove the underlying causes of malfunctioning of reproductive glands to some extent.

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