How To Benefit From Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’. Aerobic exercises provide many important benefits and to benefit from the aerobic exercises, we should follow the Dos and Don’ts set for them. Aerobic exercises enable weight loss by burning a major portion of calories. They reduce blood pressure. Your lung function is improved by doing aerobic exercises. You can improve your heart and circulatory function. Your lipid profile is improved. You can achieve weight loss. You can improve your glucose tolerance. These exercises can make you live longer. They can improve your attitudes too. Your endurance will improve and you will have an enhanced feeling of well-being.

No exercise is purely aerobic or anaerobic. They are a mix of these types. It is also important to know that over-exertion taken up for doing aerobic exercises can cause an overuse injury. It can lean muscle tissue. It may bring down your ability to gain muscle strength. Your muscular flexibility may decrease. Excessive aerobic exercise can be boring and time-consuming too. We have first discussed the Don’ts as they bear much importance.



Now we have to see how we can derive maximum benefits from aerobic exercises. You should do aerobic exercises after completing your weightlifting exercises. The weightlifting session is challenging and so you should be prepared with adequate energy for doing this. If you spend much energy on the treadmill and then come to weightlifting, it will be very tiresome for you. During weightlifting lactic acid is built up in your blood, but when you have aerobic exercises following this, the lactic acid is removed from the blood. For weightlifting the primary source of energy is glycogen. Therefore, if you perform aerobics exercises after weightlifting, they will burn fats for energy, which is beneficial to you.

If your session contains hard aerobic workouts, you can choose a day that does not have a weightlifting program. Have yourself educated on measuring your heart rate when you are on aerobic exercises. Ideally, it should be in your THR, namely the target heart rate zone. Check your pulse for 15 seconds when you are on aerobics and derive the pulse per minute. You may be required to adjust your speed and resistance to achieve good results. Remember, caffeine, stress, and medications can have adverse effects on your heart rate. Improved heart rate is one of the main benefits arising out of aerobic exercises.



The aerobic system of your body comprises the lungs, heart, muscles, and blood vessels. The more oxygen your body can deliver to your muscles, the more energy they get for making your workout successful. To derive maximum benefits you should do aerobic exercises on a regular basis. This way your ability to take oxygen in and transport it increases. Your aerobic capacity also goes up with your regular aerobic exercises. You may do these exercises with low intensity and also for short durations, but it does not matter. You should do them regularly is most important.

You should also chalk out a well-planned and effective aerobic program, with the help of experts in this field, if need be. You should also have an inclination to enjoy your aerobic exercises. You can then benefit from the aerobic exercises largely.

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