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Be fit and healthy after pregnancy

It is vital to stay healthy after pregnancy but most moms forget about their own health while nurturing the baby. The postpartum period is very tiring in all three dimensions—physically, mentally and emotionally—due to the changes a mother goes through.

Here are the choicest bits of advice which have been discussed with Moms and are collated for you to give a shot and make the most of your maternity leaves.

Rest Is the baby sleeping? Take a nap, if that is not possible lie-down, relax your body and mind. This will definitely help you recover from the post effects of delivery. All the pending work can be attended later.

Nutrition Consult your physician for the needs to supplement your body has. Take ample grains, vegetables especially green leafy, fruits, dairy products, fibres, and nuts. Your diet should be rich in iron, calcium and do not stop your intake of calcium pills unless advised by the doctor.

Exercise Go for a walk after your doctor’s consultation. Start mild not exerting workout like yoga, walk or jog. Do not miss including pelvic exercise and Kegel for your recovery. Exercises will help you to shed that extra flab and you will be fit and full of energy too. Regular activities will also keep the new mom’s depression away. You should have an idea of effective yoga tips and style.


Cautions A few cautions should be executed by a new mom to keep conflicts against her health at check. After it is needless to suggest an ample rest, not lifting heavyweight is another important caution a mother should exercise. To keep postpartum depression, read cheerful books and avoid negative thoughts. Do not run after losing weight quickly but gradually with proper diet and correct exercise.

Daily regime Do not try to be perfect in household chores at this moment. All you need is rest, food on time and baby care. So, think about these only, don’t fret about a messed up room, a bag full of laundry or entertaining the visitors properly. Take your baby out in sun and air to keep the mom-baby duo fresh and healthy. Do not miss daily supplements.

Hygiene Keep a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. Give proper attention to your own cleanliness like a bath, hair removal etc. Do not neglect yourself with overwhelming baby care. Keep your nails short and clean.

Seek help Motherhood is tiring and challenging, so there is no harm in seeking help and advice from husband, family members or friends. Do not hesitate to ask them to fold clothes or market the daily supplies for you. Housekeeping and dirty dishes can be delegated to someone who is willing to support. But do not try to be a perfect do-it-all mother.

Counselling This phase has lots of negative feelings like postpartum depression, anxiety, mood swings and baby blues. So, if you find it a challenge to handle the overwhelming motherhood, do not hesitate to seek professional counselling.

Join groups Nothing is as fruitful as sharing, asking and discussing with like-minded people. So join a group of new mothers on social media or in your area. They can share amazing tips with you which are tried and tested and you may make new friends too, so would your baby.

Motherhood is challenging yet rewarding. You can commute this journey swiftly if you take care of yourself. Self-pampering is not bad after all.

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