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How Should The Parents Boost Brain Power and Memory Of their Infants

Do you know the scientific fact that an infant’s brain has billions of neurons? During the first years of his life, a baby starts growing neural synapses, the connection of brain cells. This brain wiring has to be hard to strengthen his capability of learning a language. Surely, a baby may not learn anything instantly. Still, the number of neural connections of a children’s brain is more than that of the adults.

When you are playing with your baby or engaging him in interactive activities, his brain makes several neural connections. Thus, parents play a role in refining the memory and brain power of their babies.

Only a mom can make the best start

To make your baby’s brain sharper and powerful, you have to stay healthy during your pregnancy. The drug-abused women will find their babies, facing learning issues and having some aggressive behaviors.

Your baby is trying to talk- Encourage him

You must respond to the chuckles and coos of your infant. Let him feel that their vocalizations are delightful to you. You may also use some high-pitched voice for using phrases, like- My lovely baby. Your facial expressions, vowels and syllable pronunciations help your baby to absorb your sounds. Your input may affect the way, how your baby understands your speech to produce language.

Maintain a consistency

You can create a daily routine and make sure that the surroundings of your baby are consistent. For instance, you may choose one playroom and one particular time, when your baby has to play with toys. Check out whether your baby is capable of memorizing the everyday scenario. However, babies of age range from 0 to 3 months develop short-term memory.

Play games using hands

Peekaboo, patty-cake and puppets- These things will encourage your baby to use his hands. It would be easier for you to capture his attention with these games. Moreover, these hands-on activities also increase interaction with physical world.

Give prompt response to your infant’s cry-

You may reassure, nurture, soothe and cuddle your baby to develop a positive circuitry in your infant’s brain. The limbic part of a baby’s brain is related to emotions. Thus, you can hug your baby to let him feel an emotional security.

Take time to talk to your baby

You can play a role to help your baby in identifying the cause-and-effect scenario. For instance, you may show your baby that you can turn off the light by flipping down the switch. Similarly, you have to flip up the switch for turning on the light.

Introduce your baby to some books

Choose kids’ books that are full of colorful pictures. You may find your baby, making some noises while looking at the pictures. It is also better to buy storybooks and you can elaborate the stories, modulating your tone or voice. This activity will enable your baby to develop receptive language during his infancy.

Schedule a time for your baby’s rest

Although lots of activities help your baby to sharpen his brain, it is important to take rest. Most of us feel energetic after having a nap. Similarly, a baby is able to retain information after taking rest. You can lie with your baby or sit beside his stroller during the naptime. By taking breaks, your baby can memorize what he has done throughout a day.

Thus, we have given you the best tips on how to develop your baby’s memory during the early years of his life. Supervise your baby constantly and strengthen his memory skills. Although you have an important responsibility for nurturing your baby, you may look for a childcare center in Singapore for better development.


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