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How Important Is Infant Massage

The benefits that a massage session can offer should be tapped by both adults and infants.  After witnessing the good effects that a massage has on infants, the ‘International Association of Infant Massage’ (called IAIM, in short) came into being. The first good effect of infant massage is the promotion of relaxation; this will automatically reduce the stress level. Thus, a message takes care of emotional health which is important in maintaining good physical health. The massaged infant is more likely to sleep in a sound manner. Infants will grow at a faster rate if they are massaged.

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As news about infant massage spread, many people started to try massage on their infants. Mothers, fathers, and others are raising their awareness level about infant massage. As all infants are bound to suffer from physical problems, infant massage is quite essential for general well-being. The ailments that are associated with infants do vary, but the result of the massage is common. It is advisable to continue the massage sessions regularly so that the cure sets in soon. But overcome the tendency to rely totally upon massage and use it only for accelerating healing. The healing effect of a massage is attributed to the improvement in blood circulation. The lymphatic system is also activated through a massage.

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You can reduce the activity of a hyperactive infant through a massage. Massage oils may also be used for better results in an infant. If you are troubled by infants who habitually awaken during the night, massage the infant just before bedtime. This is for promoting a longer and better sleep that proves to be peaceful for the infant and the parent.

To obtain good results, massage the infant regularly and within weeks, you will find a change happening. Some parents feel it is enough to massage the infant without following any specific procedure. It is better to refrain from using oils derived from nuts or petroleum products. While messaging, usually the face is skipped as facial skin is quite delicate.

The fact is that there are certifications awarded for those who complete a course on infant massage. Those who successfully complete the course will achieve the capability to impart their knowledge to parents who want to learn in detail about massaging.  The demand for such people who have completed the course is also found at children’s hospitals. Some parents also take a special interest in purchasing books that provide detailed descriptions of massaging.

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To witness the full positive results of infant massage, choose a quiet place. This is important as it offers an opportunity for bonding well with the infant. If you are using massage oil, you should test if the infant’s skin reacts adversely to the oil. After this is checked, you have to judge the best time for a massage. As the immunity system becomes strong, the infant will suffer from fewer ailments. This stands as proof because of the effectiveness of the massage. It is also a good idea to massage the infant after bath daily if you want to put the infant to sleep.

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