How Exercise Elevates Mood

Depression can have a tremendous effect on both our personal and professional lives. If the condition gets very serious then medications might be necessary, or else there are several natural methods that can be used to deal with the symptoms that are prevalent during the depression. One of the most common ways to deal with depression naturally is to exercise regularly. It is important to consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, because the body will be undergoing a certain amount of stress, and the doctor needs to advise what kind of exercise routine will suit your body type. During the initial period, you can start with light exercises and later on shift to a more strenuous routine. It is recommended to exercise for around five days a week and it can include simple activities like swimming, walking, etc.

Cardiovascular exercises are generally practiced to improve the mood because, through these kinds of exercises, the body produces a hormone known as endorphins which aid in enhancing the mood. When a person goes through depression then the body stops producing a sufficient amount of endorphins and therefore exercise becomes necessary to get out of the depression phase. Setting up realistic goals can help you realize how exercise elevates mood. At times, people tend to have goals that are very difficult to achieve and they cannot keep pace with their exercise routine and this, in turn, can further depress a person. 


Many people opt for exercise as a mode of treating their depression instead of falling prey to prescribed medications. Since stress has become such an integral part of our lives, it is difficult to stay away from the clutches of depression. When stress is experienced for a prolonged period, then it can have adverse effects on the health. There have been many research reports which claim that exercise can aid in alleviating depression. Exercise helps in distracting the mind from negative thoughts and one tends to feel completely refreshed after completing an exercise regime.

Breathing exercises form an integral part of yoga and practicing the same infuse a lot of fresh oxygen in the body which can increase our energy levels. Once the level of energy in our body is increased then naturally the mood also gets improved. There are many kinds of exercises through which the moods can be altered and are dedicated to your exercise routine can help in keeping the depression at bay. 

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