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Hair Remedies To Increase Bounce In Hair

Healthy hair seems to have a life of its own. It is lustrous, easy to manage, and soft. Healthy hair should not be too oily or too dry, not frizzy, and should have volume. This seems to be an impossible task to achieve for most of us with average, nondescript hair. But with a few remedies and tricks, each one of us can get happy, bouncy hair.

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The trick to healthy hair is never to brush or comb hair when wet. The hair is brittle when wet and tends to break easily when wet. Hair should never be washed in hot water since this will damage the cuticles of the hair. Hair should be washed in tepid water and then in cold water to lock in moisture. Normal hair can be back combed when completely dry to add volume. There are volumizing shampoos available in the market designed to add volume and bounce to hair. Excessive use of conditioners makes the hair go flat, hence very mild conditioners should be used in case of scanty, flat hair which needs pumping up. Thin and fine hair has a tendency to fall flat as it lacks body.

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Tips to increase bounce in hair:

  1. Flat hair may be a result of oily scalp and hair. Oily hair needs to be washed at least twice a week to wash away excessive oiliness. A mild conditioner is sufficient for oily hair and is soft by nature.
  2. Dry hair should be washed less often as compared to oily hair. A strong conditioner may be used to control frizzy, fly away hair
  3. Herbal henna-based products can be used as a hair colorant and as a conditioner. Henna adds bounce and color to hair without damaging hair cuticles.
  4. A mixture of sour curds and egg white when applied as a hair pack serves to condition dry hair as also to control excessive oiliness.
  5.  A mixture of olive oil, honey, and water can be stored in a spritzer and sprayed on hair after a hair wash. This is a very effective conditioner.
  6. Honey when applied to hair conditions the hair and lightens the color.
  7. Vinegar diluted with water can be used after a hair wash to add bounce and softness to hair.
  8. You can add an extra bounce to your hair by washing it with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and followed by applying a good mousse.
  9.  Blow drying your hair with your head upside down gives volume and bounce though temporarily.  Hot rollers also do the job for those who like curls.
  10.  Ayurveda prescribes a paste of hibiscus leaves and fenugreek seeds as a hair conditioner. This remedy is very effective in adding bounce to flat, lifeless hair.


Avoid excessive brushing and hair grooming as it causes scalp sebum to be pulled down the hair shaft, aggravating oiliness. Make sure to clean your brush every day to remove oil.

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