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How can couples improve their physical and emotional intimacy?

Intimacy is considered a crucial part of your romantic relationship. Couples tend to end up their bond due to a lack of respect, understanding, time, and efforts for each other. These companions need to work on themselves so that they can enhance their love life and get back together with a fresh start to make things better between them.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the interesting ways using which you can improve your bonding with your loved one and can have a long-lasting healthy happy relationship:

1. Open yourself more

It is the key component and the first and the most important step towards bonding a couple together and is important to keep the relationship strong. You should have a candid and honest chat with your partner. Open up yourself turns out, it can clarify misunderstandings that could hurt your relationship in the long run. Without this, your partner may feel lonely and disengaged. So there should be the presence of a connection between both to improve your intimacy. Being clear about each other need’s and expectations is essential for a healthy relationship. You should try to do something that makes your partner feel good. You should also stay open to addressing other factors that may impact your intimacy in your relationship. It strengthens the bond between couples and fosters closeness and love.

2. Identify your partner’s love language

It is a very effective way by which couples can get closer and can improve their physical and emotional intimacy. You can give and receive affection through this. When you able to learn each other language to interpret love whether it be through gift giving, hand holding, eye contact, dinner dates, surprises, physical touch, words of affirmation, etc. You can speak each other’s language to grow closer both physically and emotionally. So through this way, couples can feel closer even before they get between the sheets. They can also plant the seed to put romance on their mind.

3. Go for late-night walks together

Late night walks with your partner can help you to feel more comfortable and connected. Walking outside hand in hand makes you more trusting and open. These walks result in deeper emotional connection and create benefits mentally and physically. It makes you feel happier. You can share personal moments of closeness. This can bring excitement to your relationship and makes you feel connected. It may give your body a hound and healthy glow. Walking hand in hand brings up the feeling of love, comfort, affection, safety, and more.

4. No distractions

There should be no distractions to the time that your partner has set aside to experience closeness with you. You should not do anything like using the phone, games, closing the door, watching tv alone or deactivating anything else that could distract your partner from the experience of being fully present with you. For a healthy intimacy, whether it is physical or emotional, you should give your full and undivided attention to your partner during the time in which you have agreed to be together. So it is important, both partners trust that there will be no interruptions to the time they have set with each other.


5. Spend more time together

For some couples, it is hard to find time together. When you are apart or too busy to talk, you can chop another way for you to stay in touch like texting and emailing to get practical things done and to spend more time together. While sitting together you can spend some time talking, sharing, and looking at each other in the eye. You can also spend more time together as a partner by doing the tasks or activities together like shopping, weekly date nights, lunch together at a set time, grocery shopping, etc. You may read books together and discuss what you are reading can help you in increasing emotional intimacy. You can choose a biography or a novel or any book about your common interest. It will give you a chance to share your feelings without judging and helps in strengthening trust and communication. You should always show a willingness to take the time and give your attention completely to your relationship which helps in making the possibility of future intimate interactions much more likely and also encourage and promote emotional and physical intimacy that will benefit your relationship.

6. Prepare a pleasurable list

Couples should assemble a list of things that they enjoy doing together. It can be anything. Just think about the things you did together when you were dating that made you enjoy time together or what sexual memories you find super hot. You can explore the things that you have always wanted to try with your partner. It may build strong emotional bonds in your relationship and is one of the simple ways to improve physical and emotional intimacy. Sharing personal moments of closeness promotes chemistry. It directly brings excitement to your relationship and makes you feel more enjoyable and happier.

7. Focus on the things that need to be addressed

You should always focus on the things or topics that need to be addressed. If you are unable to do so, it will destroy your intimacy and passion for love. This means you are slowly ruining your connection with your partner. This thing may not be noticeable in day to day basis but in the long run, it will affect your relationship and make you fall apart. So you need to communicate with your partner more in order to build a healthy couple relationship.

Final Words

All of these tips will surely help couples to make a positive move in their relationship. It will not only improve the bond of love between each other but will also help them to support and nurture each other in different phases of their lives. It will surely bring them closer and make them irreparable spirits of longing for love and compassion for each other.

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