Home Remedies To Prevent Chilblains

During cold climatic conditions, it is very important to prevent feet and hands from becoming too cold. This is because, due to the coldness, the blood vessels of the skin tend to constrict, and as it is common for people to keep the feet close to a hot area to feel warm. As the feet have already been exposed to the cold and snow as it is heated up, it is a sudden change of temperature for the feet. This will result in the leakage of blood causing Chilblains when the toes are inflamed. Such an inflammatory condition can also occur in the fingers of the hand or the ears and nose for the same reason as explained before.

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Thus, you must use thick socks, boots, and gloves if you want to prevent this. You must also cover your ears and parts of the face to prevent them from becoming too cold. If you happen to suffer from Chilblains, you can try some of these home remedies:

1. You can keep herbs that are known for promoting circulation handy if you have already suffered from Chilblains or if you want to be prepared. Even if you do not need it, your elderly parents may need it. In addition to enhancing circulation, such herbs will also strengthen the veins and arteries. Examples of these herbs are ash bark, ginger, and hawthorn berries.

2. Some of the herbal oils that are known for curing Chilblains are lavender oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil.

3. You can keep some calamine cream or lotion close to the bed if you need to soothe the affected area.


4. You can also make use of lotions for increasing circulation as this will help in curing the condition.

5. Use creams for curing corns, if any in the feet as this will help in reducing the pain.

6. You can rub salt dipped onion over the affected areas. The juice of the onion will spread over the skin and reduce the itching. Resist the temptation to scratch the Chilblains affected areas.

 7. Dip your feet inside hot water taken in a tub to which mustard has been added.

8. Keep hands or feet whichever is affected in an elevated position so that swelling can be reduced as much as possible.

You can also purchase homeopathic remedies that are available in homeopathic clinics. As prevention is always better than cure, you can try to warm up your body before going out in the cold. A warm shower, dipping feet and hands in warm water, and exercise can help you to achieve this. You should stay away from smoking so that your blood circulation is good. This is important during cold months. You must eat a well-balanced diet that includes essential minerals and vitamins which are important for the health of the circulatory system. Consumption of nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, and whole grains is important during all months of the year and especially during winter.

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