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Home Remedies For Teething Babies

We enjoy every moment of our babies but teething is that period which is really very difficult for parents and babies both. There are different symptoms seen while teething in different babies. Some feel nausea while some suffer from loose motions and some with other problems. There are many lucky parents who have not experienced the bad teething time as their babies tooth came very easily. While there are many who can never forget the teething time of their babies.

The tooth normally starts to come in between 5 months to 12 months and it continues till the age of 3 years. Almost in all the babies, the two bottom teeth of lower central incisors come first then the two top front teeth of the upper central incisors. Mostly this is the same process in all the babies.

Signs of teeth coming

The signs and symptoms of teething are different in all the babies. However, I have pointed out some of the basic symptoms which almost all babies feel while teething. Check out:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Rubbing of cheeks and ears
  • Excess crying
  • Vomiting
  • Loose motion
  • lack of appetite
  • Chewing all the things
  • red gums
  • Irritation in doing all the things

These are some of the common symptoms of teething in babies. These are natural and almost all the parents have to deal with this situation.

Simple tips for Sore Gums

During teething, your baby has to suffer from the sore gums. It is sure that this will happen during teething but you can help them with some of the remedies to reduce their pain. Check out some of the simple tips for sore gums:

  • You can gently rub the baby’s gum which will feel them good. A little pressure on the gums will also help them relaxed. Make sure to clean your fingers before giving it inside baby’s mouth.
  • You can place a cold cloth or spoon on the gums to lessen their pain and irritation in the gums. They want to chew all the things because the gums were itching during teething. The cold therapy will help in reducing the itching.
  • You can buy a good and branded quality of baby pacifiers, teethers, and soothers which babies can easily chew all the time to feel good. They can be easily available in the market or you can buy them online.
  • You can give your baby hard foods like carrot, cucumber, apple which they can easily chew and has no harm. But keep an eye on them because the big cut piece can result in choking hazard.
  • The drooling is the most irritating process of teething for parents. I have experienced the drooling a lot in my son’s teething time and still, it is continuing, but now in less quantity. I always use a bib to prevent her clothes from being wet. A number of times I keep on wiping his face with a cotton hanky to avoid skin allergies.
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Natural Home remedies to get rid of the teething irritation

  • Ginger: The peeled ginger is good for our health. It is natural anti-inflammatory which is very helpful in relieving the gums pain. You can rub a slice of peeled ginger on the baby’s gum for 2-3 times in a day.
  • Cloves: The cloves are very beneficial for the toothache. The clove oil is also good as it has many warming properties. If you don’t have clove oil then you can mix the cloves powder with water or coconut oil or with ghee. Make a paste and put it in the fridge for storage. You can use this paste on the gums.
  • Give him a toothbrush: Give a new sterilized toothbrush to your baby. This will be proved as a good massager to their gums like the teethers.
  • Breastfeeding: A baby is so much comfortable with the mother’s milk. Breast milk is a natural ointment for babies. The sucking can, however, be a little discomfort and irritating but your baby will still enjoy the moment by forgetting his teething pain.
  • Light foods: If your baby is suffering from loose motions then try to avoid spicy and heavy foods. Give your baby light foods like rice, dalia, khichdi , oats, etc.
  • Yogurt: The chilled yogurt or curd will be a good option for the babies to give them relief in their coming tooth, pain, and gums.
  • Silver teethers: The silver has natural cooling properties and they are very good for the babies. You can freeze the silver spoon and then give it to your baby for better results.
  • Homeopathy medicine: The general homeopathy medicines for the baby’s teething are CalcPhos 6x and Five Phos 6x. 2 pellets thrice a day from both. This is the medicines which numb the sore area and relief in pain.
  • Honey: The best natural remedy is honey which I had also applied to my baby’s gums. It is said that honey should be avoided for the children less than 1 year. But you can massage your baby’s gum by taking it in a very small quantity. Honey softens the gums which are very helpful for the tooth to come out without any pain.

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