Natural Home Remedies For Heart Palpitations

Medically termed as cardiac dysrhythmia or heart arrhythmia, irregular heartbeat is a condition of the heart characterized by unusual electrical activity in the heart. This term is applicable to a huge heterogeneous group of conditions of the heart. 50 to 100 beats per minute is considered to be a normal graph. Arrhythmia can also take place with heartbeats that are normal. This disease can even result in the death of the person. In some cases, an arrhythmia is very normal and most people skip a beat quite often.

People can also experience an occurrence of the extra-strong heartbeat. Most people experience a panic attack with a rapid or irregular heartbeat. The classification of arrhythmia is based upon the rate viz tachycardia, normal, and bradycardia; or it can be based upon mechanism viz fibrillation, automaticity, and reentry. Many of the home remedies can help to overcome this situation.

Causes of Irregular Heartbeat

1. Diseases of arteries which are common to be found

2. Injuries caused by a heart attack

3. Changes caused in the muscles of the heart

4. Coronary artery disease

5. Processes of healing performed after surgery of the heart

6. Imbalances of electrolyte in the blood Like sodium, potassium, etc

7. Consumption of diet pills

8. Increased stress levels

9. Incorrect eating habits

10. Unhealthy lifestyle

Symptoms of Irregular Heartbeat

1. Feeling of a skipped heartbeat

2. Increased pulse rate

3. Flip flops or flattering

4. Experience of pounding in the chest region

5. Shortness of inhalation

6. Giddiness

7. Discomfort in the chest region

8. Unconsciousness

9. Weakness or tiredness

Home Remedy for Irregular Heartbeat

1. Take equal amounts of dried aniseed, dry coriander, and jaggery. Grind them together to form a powder. Take 6 grams of this powder after having your meal every day. This remedy is very beneficial in the treatment of heart palpitations.


2. Extract out the juice of snake-gourd leaves. It is a proven remedy for an irregular heartbeat.

3. Honey is an excellent remedy for the heart. It is easily assimilated and digested. A patient suffering from irregular heartbeats is advised to take honey daily. Take a glass of water, One tablespoon of honey, and some juice of the lemon. Mix them together and regularly drink this mixture.

4. Eat guava on empty stomach in the morning is soothing is a simple home remedy for an irregular heartbeat.  For treating disorders caused due to anemia or nervousness, intake of ripe guava is very fruitful.

5. Spikenard herb is excellent for stimulating the actions of the heart and overcome from the disease of irregular heartbeat. A patient with an irregular heartbeat should take a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of camphor, and 2-3 grams of spikenard. This preparation should be taken regularly or can even opt for 30-60 ml of infusion of spikenard.

6. For treating irregularly effectively, drink juice of grapes regularly. It is the most effective and easily available remedy for treating this disease at home.

7. Emphasize a simple diet. Take fresh fruits daily and avoid a heavy and oily diet. Opt for lightly cooked vegetables or raw vegetables would be an even better option.

8. Drinking grape juice daily also keeps the heart in good condition.

9. Refrain from coffee, tea, chocolates or alcoholic beverages, sugar in high quantity, white flour food products or white rice, chemical additives, etc.

Refrain from coffee, tea, chocolates

10. Make a mixture of a pinch of cinnamon, camphor, and Indian spikenard using two-three grams of each. This can also be taken in the form of infusion in doses of about 30 to 60 ml, three times a day.

11. Grind equal quantities of dry coriander, jaggery, and aniseed to make a powder. Take 6 grams of this powder after every meal.

12. Consume more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the heart-healthy.

13. Mix a teaspoon of honey in the juice of half a lemon and drink this with 250 ml of water. Drinking this at bedtime every day is an effective way to reduce irregular heartbeat.

14. Physical exercises like swimming, cycling, and walking are helpful in keeping the heart in good condition.

A healthy diet with lightly cooked food is recommended to treat an irregular heartbeat. Have milk, nuts, seeds, and fruits for breakfast. For lunch whole wheat tortillas with steamed vegetables and a glass of buttermilk is sufficient. Dinner can consist of green vegetables, green gram, and cottage cheese.

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