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Home Remedies For Common Cold And Cough

Cough is a type of irritation in the throat that usually occurs along with the common cold.  There are two types of cough namely dry cough and cough with mucus.  Cough can lead to other serious conditions if not treated in time. If the cough is accompanied by headache and fever and persists for longer than a week, the person should see a doctor as it can indicate some underlying serious disease. For example, the cough may be due to airway obstruction in some cases and may also be due to pneumonia or left-sided heart failure.

The type of cough can help indicate what illness you have. Home remedies can effectively cure cough almost instantly without any side effects.

Causes of Cough

Most Common Causes of an Acute Cough Include:

1. Allergic Rhinitis: Smoking leads to cough as it irritates the lungs.  Irritants like air pollution, scented products, or paint fumes can cause coughs. Cough helps to clear the allergens and irritants and prevents infection at the same time.

2. Common cold or respiratory infection may cause acute cough.  Flu and pneumonia are examples of these conditions.

3. Postnasal drip can often cause a chronic cough.

4. Asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may cause a chronic cough that can last for more than 8 weeks. Asthma can inflame and narrows the airways. In GERD the acid backs up from the stomach to the throat causing the cough.

5. Maybe due to bronchitis

6. Acute sinusitis

7. Pertussis (whooping cough)

8. Non-allergic rhinitis

Symptoms of Cough

The symptoms of cough vary depending on the underlying cause. Common symptoms are:

1. Fever

2. Shortness of breath

3. Chest pain

4. Sore throat, wheezing

5. Paleness or blueness of the skin

6. Fatigue

7. Weakness

Home Remedies for Cough

Home Remedies Lemon

1. Water in which cabbage is boiled is a good home remedy for cough.  This water should be taken at bedtime and in the morning. This is known to be an ancient remedy for whooping cough too.

2. Sucking on a piece of sugar candy is helpful to home remedy for cough.

3. Eight parts of pomegranate rinds and one part of rock salt is mixed and ground with water to a thick consistency and made into balls or pills. This pill can be sucked thrice daily to get relief from cough.

4. Another useful home remedy for cough is to chew a betel leaf with a roasted piece of turmeric.  In the night betel leaf and caraway seeds can be chewed, but should not spit out.

5. Heat jaggery (brown sugar) with clarified butter and eat the mixture when it is warm.

6. Drinking hot black coffee without milk is a good home remedy for cough.

7. Boil garlic in mustard oil and use this oil to massage the chest and throat to get rid of cough.

8. Garlic and large raisins should be taken three times a day.

9. Wheat and salt are boiled in water till the volume reduces to one-third. Strain and drink this for seven days for relief from cough.

10. Avoid sour food.

11. Make balls using jaggery and black sesame seeds and eat this to get relief from cough. This is a good home remedy for coughs due to asthma or bronchitis.

12. Drink garlic juice with pomegranate juice.

13. Drink hot water before bedtime.

14. Tea made with mint leaves cure cough instantly. Mint tea with salt is a good home remedy for cough.

15. Soak almonds during the night, grind into a paste in the morning and add sugar and butter and eat it three times daily to get relief from cough.

16. Chew the black peppers and keep them in the mouth for some time.  You can also add black pepper to milk and boil it and drinking it gives immediate relief from cough.

17. Chew slowly a mixture of cumin seeds, black pepper, and salt as it is a good home remedy for cough.

18. Add homey to grape juice and drink it twice daily as it is an effective expectorant and a highly effective home remedy for cough.

19. Use a mixture of rock salt and clarified butter to massage the chest to relieve chronic cough.

20. Tea prepared with Aniseed is also an effective home remedy for cough.


21. For children mustard oil should be used to massage the chest to get rid of cough.

22. Juice of white onion and honey can be swallowed slowly to lubricate the throat which helps in curing cough.

23. Orange juice is a highly effective home remedy for cough.  An exclusive diet on orange juice is very helpful.

24. Bay Berry bark is made into a powder and taken to remove chest congestion. This is also an effective home remedy for cough.

25. Boil garlic and cloves in milk and add sugar and drink this milk when it is hot. This provides immediate relief from cough.

26. Cayenne is another useful herb in the treatment of cough.


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