Holi Healthy Tips To Stay Safe And Fit

As soon as March comes, the Holi enthusiasm increases. This is the month in which we take baths from multiple colors, joyful dance, and most important the delicious Gujjiyas and Traditional drink thandai, which is made up of milk and thandai syrup. However, many people don’t want to play with the Holi colors due to several reasons, but still, they enjoy it with traditional drinks, get together with family and enjoy the special dishes.

The elders relate the festival with religions and thus according to them, Holi is the festival in which Holika Mata was killed in Fire by praying to kill the inner evil of every person. Holi is the festival of bonfires inspired by religious incidents. It is famously known as Holika Dahan which is celebrated on the night before the day we play from Holi colors. However, people love to enjoy the festival according to their joy and happiness.

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But sometimes, on the occasion of this fun and frolic festival of colors, we neglect very minor things which can be harmful to our health. Apart from taking care of your skin from Holi colors, various other things should be kept in mind to enjoy the festival healthily. Here are some of the effective tips which will let you know how you can make this Holi healthy. Check Out:

Healthy Tips

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This is the festival in which people run so much to chase people for applying colors. Running, chasing, hiding, and enjoying the moment can dehydrate your body.
  • Gujjiyas are the traditional dish for Holi, so it is important to check the khoya for purity. We cannot deny that adulterer mawa is very common in the market at festivals due to greed to earn more. So, don’t get cheated while purchasing otherwise t is harming your health.
  • Holi is incomplete with Thandai and Bhang. Consuming too much bhang can increase blood pressure and can create a heart-related problem. Many people try to make a new drink by mixing alcohol and Bhang which is not safe for the body. Avoid such things on the festival of joy and happiness.
  • Do not eat anything from the hands full of colors. The unhygienic substances will pass to your internal parts and can create several problems.
  • Keep the snacks or other foods away from the colors. A pinch of color is also harmful to health.
  • Don’t allow kids to enter the kitchen. They may spread colors all over the food and other eatable things.
  • Don’t drive after drinking or eating bhang mixed pakoras and vadas.


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Colors Safety Tips

  • Home remedies are the best things to cure anything. Even, it is advised that use several kitchen ingredients to remove the colors. It will lower the risk of having any type of chemical side effects.
  • If you want to be safe from synthetic, toxic chemical-containing colors then wear clothes that can cover your body as much as possible.
  • Wear goggles to protect the eyes from colors.
  • Natural resources are very respectful and thus avoid wasting water on Holi. Holi playing with too much water can also create health problems such as cough, cold, fever, etc.
  • Use red or pink organic colors to play Holi because dark colors like green, purple, black, yellow, and many such colors have many possibilities of having chemicals and toxic elements.
  • It is advised to use organic or herbal colors which do not have a side effect on the skin.
  • Apply lotion, moisturizer, or coconut oil on the body to avoid any type of skin rashes and infection.

Safety health Tips

  • Holika Dahan is a type of Bonfire and it is very important to keep your child at a safe distance from the fire to avoid any type of fire injuries.
  • Do not wear contact lenses while playing Holi, because they may get damaged and create irritation in the eyes.
  • The person having an asthma problem is advised not to play Holi because it may create problems in their lungs.
  • People who are allergic to dust and pollution should also avoid playing with colors.
  • If you want to use soap then use a mild soap or baby shampoo and body wash to remove the color. Harsh soap can damage the skin.
  • If you are having a skin allergy then it is advised to avoid colors on it.
  • Do not run and jump with excitement on wet floors because you can fall and have to face severe injury.

Holi Indian Kids Parents

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Good etiquette tips

  • Don’t be cruel to Holi by disturbing the life of pets and road animals by applying colors.
  • Play like a good citizen by avoiding the use of tar, stones, shits, and many other such things which can harm other people. If any person is doing such things then stop them too.
  • Do not misbehave with someone. If anyone is doing it with you then call the police to take help instead of losing your anger.
  • Don’t play forcefully with anyone, especially females because it maybe count as your bad behavior.
  • Do not throw color on someone’s eyes, ears, and mouth.

Final Words

The flamboyant festival of colors is about to start and thus now it is time to get ready for the celebration. Rock this Holi with attractive outfits, delicious cuisines, and the happiness of being together with friends and family. Follow all the above-discussed safety tips to make the festival safe and healthy.

I wish you and your family a Happy and safe Holi. Enjoy the Festival

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