High Protein Diet

The high protein diet is one that formulates a diet plan that encourages a reduced amount of carbohydrates and an increased amount of proteins. This diet leads to fast as well as permanent weight reduction. It also promises a number of other benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, resetting one’s metabolism, and also the reduction of hypertension and heart problems. All the while, the dieter is encouraged to indulge in eggs, steaks, cheese along with other food products that are usually eliminated from other diet plans. 

The high protein diet minimizes and even eliminated the consumption of carbohydrates with the purpose of reducing the production of insulin. Therefore, naturally, the high protein diet is recommended for those who suffer from blood-sugar problems such as those who are diabetic, insulin-resistant, or hypoglycemic. However, if one is overweight mainly due to eating too much or due to lack of physical activity, the high protein diet will most probably not show results.

As is required in the Zone Diet, before beginning the high protein diet, one must take care of a number of calculations. Calculating your body fat and then taking out its percentage is the first step after which one must make sure that they are aware of the bodyweight they wish to be or the range of the same. After that, one must carry out a detailed calculation regarding the day-to-day protein needs and spread them out over three meals. After this, one can begin the high protein diet which consists of three phases.

The high protein diet enables you to figure out your carbohydrate intake on the basis of the amount of fiber in each serving of food. This is termed as “effective carbohydrate count”. Or ECC.

Usually, low-carb diets result in the dieter suffering from constipation problems as well as severe diarrhea. However, due to the ECC, the dieter consumes the adequate amount of fiber needed to curb these problems.


Phase One:

Phase One of the high protein diet is targeted at those dieters who wish to reduce about 20% of their body weight. In this phase of the high protein diet, the dieter is encouraged to consume 30 grams of carbohydrates on a daily basis. The dieter must not exceed this limit during this phase of the high protein diet. The dieter must choose those carbohydrates that are rich in fiber such as leafy and green vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, etcetera. The dieter must also focus on consuming about 25 grams of fiber on a daily basis. Fortunately, fats are also allowed in the high protein diet but only those that are healthy such as olive oil instead of schmaltz or lard that is extracted from animal fat. Butter is also allowed in the high protein diet. Before beginning the high protein diet, the dieter is presented with a list of carbohydrates that are “allowed” and those that are “not allowed” to be consumed. The dieter is expected to choose a particular number from this list while following the high protein diet.

Phase Two

Phase Two of the high protein diet is recommended for those who wish to lose less than 20% of their current body weight. It also recommended for those who are through with phase one and their health is at a balanced level. The dieter while following the high protein diet in this case is allowed to consume bout 55 grams of carbohydrates on a daily basis. As is the case in the previous phase, the dieter must choose these carbs with great care as different quantities of carbs lead to different results.

After one has reached one’s goal weight, the maintenance phase of the diet is put into effect. During this phase of the high protein diet, the dieter must increase the carbohydrate consumption by about 10 grams. They must maintain this level of consumption for about 7 days so that the body can achieve a balance. However, if one is extremely active, they can make sure that their protein consumption is at par with their carbohydrate consumption. But, this must also not exceed 30 percent. If the dieter begins to gain weight during this phase, they must immediately retreat to the previous consumption of carbohydrates. One must also keep in mind that every person has a varied tolerance when it comes to the consumption of carbohydrates during this phase of maintenance.

While following the high protein diet, one must place equal importance on exercise and stress reduction apart from weight loss.


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