High Protein Diet Risks

Including alterations in the diet is considered the most common method for losing weight. One particular diet plan might not suit everybody as people have different requirements. People, who suffer from diabetes, are normally suggested to follow a low carbohydrate and a high protein diet. This type of diet is very popular with people because it helps in losing weight quickly due to the low consumption of carbohydrates. Besides the benefits, there are certain high protein diet risks as well. With a high protein diet, the body does not receive the nutrients that are present in carbohydrate-based foods. It is not advisable to avoid carbohydrate-filled foods altogether, as the body requires it but one should remember to have such foods in moderation. One can derive carbohydrates from most fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to avoid starchy foods as it is not healthy for the body. Consulting your doctor about the high protein diet risks can yield great results as one can get to know about both the benefits and shortcomings that are associated with such diets.

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It has been found that protein-rich diets could increase the risks of heart diseases and even diabetes in certain cases. Consuming a high protein diet can give rise to kidney stones, as the body tends to excrete large amounts of calcium with these kinds of diets. It has been observed that a high protein diet, in the long run, can give birth to depression and mood swings. Most of the elements that are present in a high protein diet such as red meat, etc can increase the cholesterol levels and in turn, cardiovascular diseases can develop. Cancer can at times crop up with these diets as the body does not get the required antioxidants and vitamins.

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Organ failure is another danger that is often associated with high protein diets because the body remains in a metabolic state which is known as ketosis. And during this phase, the body creates a substance known as ketones, which can result in the development of kidney stones. Ketones can also decrease a person’s appetite and make a person suffer from nausea. The problem of body odor can also be experienced with the constant consumption of a high protein diet as the body starts to deposit ketones. Foods that are rich in animal fats should be avoided as it increases cholesterol in the body and in this manner the high protein diet risks can be lowered to a certain extent.

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