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High Cholesterol Causes and Reasons

There can be several high cholesterol causes and reasons but genetic factors often play a crucial role in triggering the overproduction of cholesterol in the body. Most of the time unhealthy diets and lifestyles are often held responsible for high cholesterol levels. These days many people lead a sedentary lifestyle due to which they end up putting the excess amount of weight, which results in high cholesterol and lack of exercises also makes the matter worse. It has been observed that if a person exercises for about fifteen minutes regularly, then his cholesterol can be maintained at normal levels. Since one can develop a lot of serious health conditions if their cholesterol levels are not brought down to normal levels, one needs to maintain regular exercise regimes along with a healthy diet plan to reduce the cholesterol levels. The age of an individual can also be one of the high cholesterol causes and reasons. Generally, cholesterol levels tend to increase with age, and even people who are in their early twenties can experience cardiovascular diseases. 

Men are more likely to suffer from high cholesterol than their female counterparts, but even women are also at the risk of developing heart diseases once they experience menopause. People who suffer from high cholesterol levels due to genetic reasons tend to produce excessive amounts of cholesterol or their bodies are unable to purge them properly. In these cases, it might be difficult to reduce cholesterol levels even with the aid of medications. In order to avoid serious health conditions, people who possess a genetic history of high cholesterol should start the treatment at the right time so that the cholesterol level can be controlled. 

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Diet happens to be one of the most common high cholesterol causes and reasons as people tend to ignore their diets. Foods that are rich in fats should be eliminated from the daily diet in order to cut down the level of cholesterol. Weight can also play an important role in causing high cholesterol levels. Excessive weight can trigger the rise of bad cholesterol in the body and therefore it is necessary to keep the body weight in control. People who experience stress in their lives can also be subjected to high cholesterol levels and freeing their minds from stress can have a positive impact on their cholesterol levels. Adequate steps should be taken after introspecting the high cholesterol causes and reasons to control cholesterol levels. 

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