Healthy Weight Loss

The great number of diets and weight loss programs available to the general public these days do not always ensure that you will lose weight in a healthy way. There are some very questionable diets and weight loss products, and many doctors are reluctant to allow their patients to follow them. A healthy way of losing weight is always the best option, and though it may not have “instant” results like other diets or products claim to have, its benefits will be made clear in the long term, and its results will be easily maintained.

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A healthy weight loss plan implies adding more healthy foods to your normal diet. It is of utmost importance not to drastically change your diet from one day to the next if you want these changes to be long-term. If you change your habits overnight, you run the risk of getting bored or may get the feeling it is “too much”, and go back to your old, unhealthy eating habits. Another problem of quick-result diets is that soon after you finish your diet you regain the pounds you lost, and many times even more. The reason is that you probably felt deprived during your diet and once it’s over, you cannot wait to have the food you were craving.

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The best way, therefore, to attain weight loss and maintain it, is to go for a gradual change in dietary habits. For example, if you are going to have macaroni and cheese for dinner, by all means, do so, but add a big raw salad to it. Put tomatoes, lettuce, onion, add carrots, celery… the choices are infinite. You can try adding a piece of raw fruit to your breakfast every morning, then you can go on to cutting down on the number of crackers you normally have. Replace food. If you normally eat white bread, go for the whole-grain, fiber-packed kind. Replace soft drinks with mineral water or fresh fruit juice. You get the idea! The key here is to go about it gradually, allowing your body, but most importantly, your mind to get used to the changes you are introducing.

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There are other habits that can help you lose weight in a healthy way and that are easy to put into practice. First, remember to eat slowly, chewing every bite many times before swallowing. The enzymes in your saliva will be pre-digesting the food, and so your metabolism will easily get rid of extra fat. Also, drink lots of water. It has been proven that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day helps lose weight. Finally, try to have at least six smaller meals a day, so that by the time dinner arrives you are not starving.

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Do not make the mistake of falling for quick weight loss programs that promise too much and are almost impossible to keep up with. Everything you need to lose weight is at your fingertips! Go slowly, take every decision concerning the food you put into your body carefully, aim for the long-term, and you will not be disappointed!

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