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Healthy snacking for working mother

As a working mother, it is too hard to care for ourselves. There is an option that you can either properly take care of yourself or your babies health. Wait; let me ask one question to all working mothers! What was the last time when you have taken healthy snacks regularly to keep yourself healthy? I bet you are unable to answer.

After having baby, you have to care for him, family, your older kids and the office works. I know there are many days when you rush out to office without eating anything. But do you think that this is correct? No, not at all. Our today’s blogs are not only for working mother but it is also for the ladies who are too busy doing household works and get no time for snacking.

The time between lunch and dinner needs a snacking time so that you can stay energetic to play with your kids in the evening. A healthy lifestyle is a must for all the breastfeeding mothers. So, avoid skipping meals just because you have no time.

Check out about some of the healthy snacks for working woman which you can carry at your office very easily:

  • Dry fruits: Nothing is much healthy as like dry fruits. This is best evening snacks which include Walnuts, figs, almonds, dates, figs and raisins. You can buy the roasted dry fruits to add the taste in your snacks.
  • Fruits: You can carry fruits of your choice. Put a knife in your drawer. Put the fruits in the office bag after washing so that you don’t have to go and wash in the office to avoid waste of time.
  • Rava idli: This is my favourite one. This is light to eat and almost all mother love to eat this. This is made in the steamer so there is no oil and ghee in it. The foods prepared in the steamer are healthy, tasty, oil and calorie free.
  • Dhokla: The dhokla is also prepared in the steamer so this is also healthy. However, the besan or chickpeas flour is not so much good for your tummy but once in a week is ok. The rava idli and dhokla can be prepared at night time to avoid morning rushes.
  • Sandwiches: The sandwiches can be prepared very easily and quickly. You can take it in a lunch box to have it during evening snacks.
  • Roasted chickpeas: The roasted chickpeas or channa is good for health and can buy it from the market very easily. A handful of roasted channa can turn your evening healthy.
  • Khakhra: This is easily available at the market but you can make it at home too. Make the khakhra’s from wheat flour to gain energy.
  • Puffed Rice: The puffed rice or we say murmura or muri in hindi is also one of the healthy foods. You can add roasted chana, cut onions, tomato and seasonings instead along with the puffed rice.
  • Poha: Poha is also a good option for evening snacks. You can take it from canteen or else you can prepare it at home and then reheat it in office. This is tasty and healthy both.

These are some of the options which will make you eat out healthy without skipping meals. You can add many other foods to it according to your convenience and taste. Now we will share some of the Healthy tips for working mother which will be very beneficial for the whole family. Actually, these are also the tips for the other family members, especially husband. This is your time to be a super dad as well as a super husband. Have a look:

  • Make breakfast which can be made easily. I now that being a working parent it is very hectic to complete the work on time. So, play smart in making breakfast. If you and your family want to eat something special then book the dish for Sunday.
  • Make sure that you have packed your lunch on time. Ask your other family members to pack your lunch if someday you are late. Try to pack it as soon as it is made. Sometimes it happens that we are being late and forgot to pack our lunch. This will lead you either to skip the lunch or to order something from outside which is not healthy.
  • While purchasing for your healthy meal, try to buy the foods in advance. But only that which can be stored and don’t need freshness like brown rice, wholegrain items etc. Try to bring fresh veggies and milk products.
  • If someday you fail to cook the dinner because of any reason like coming late or tiredness then make pre-prepared food to avoid the situations. You can make Upma, Poha or vegetable rice in the cooker which will help in consuming less time.
  • Try to grab some healthy restaurants near you so that you can order some healthy foods if someday you forgot to take your lunch. But be assured to order some healthy foods. However, for 1-2 days in a month, you can eat spicy foods but that not well for you and your baby’s health if you are a breastfeeding mother.
  • Whenever you and your husband get time try to experiment with some of the healthy recipes with the combination of healthy foods to change the taste. You will only love healthy foods if it will taste good and different always.

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