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Healthy lifestyle hacks: Teaching Your Child Responsibility’ Talks

As responsible parents it is important that we take care of our kids and make them more responsible by inculcating in them various life lessons that will help them as and when they grow up. For the growth and development of the country too, responsible kids are the ones who are the most promising towards a better future. Therefore, planting this seed right at the beginning will help them grow into beautiful and responsible individuals in the future.

Responsibility is not something that can be taught to the kids but while they learn to be responsible, it’s the parents who need to support them at various stages.

Here are some few life hacks to make your child learn the concept of responsibility.

1. Giving them an opportunity to contribute for a common good cause

Every kid does contribute towards things in their own possible way. May it be a small contribution yet they do have a couple of things where in you will find them taking interest in. You as a parent need to acknowledge such little things they do because it is this action that makes that contribution grow further.

Contribution is always classified into two ways, one is towards one’s self and the other is towards the welfare of the family. Once acknowledged, your kid will grow in that trait eventually as they grow up.

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2. Encourage children for “Do it Myself” and ‘help’

While they grow up, kids often look out for new ways to master their physical skills and therefore this could be taken as the best step towards helping them. Let your kids help you in your work in their own possible ways and you will be able to witness hoe they grow into responsible individuals.

They will now know what is the significance of their contribution while they help you in your day to day work. You will also notice that while they contribute, you also get to form a kind of bonding with them and get to know them better.

3. Teaching your child to be responsible for the consequences of their action

At times you might notice your kids quarrelling among themselves. The elder one might snarl at the younger quite often due to some reasons. Rather than forcing them to apologize, try questioning them for the reasons that made them do that. Help your kids work out their feelings and emotions and you might notice that they themselves would realize their mistake and feel like apologizing. This will also help elder one understand and find new ways to make up for his or her actions.

Therefore, it is important that your hear out the grievances and the issues your child is facing so that they undergo self realization and work for the repair of the damage that is caused.

4. Teach your child to write their daily schedule and maintain a diary

This might seem a bit over the top but in this century, the most efficient method to keep your kids under check and help them feel responsible and get their things done on time. Make sure that your kids get this skill incorporated in them by the time they reach high school so that they can regularly check for the things they have completed and what all is remaining.

Make sure to also add some fun things in to the list so that your child feels motivated and be less stressed out about their schedules. This is the best way where in the kids can learn about the efficient ways in managing their time and getting the things done on time.

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5. Help your child until he/she learns to clean their own mess

Try helping your child at every stage in the kindest possible way. It’s okay for them to make mistakes or spill things on to the floor. Instead of shouting at them constantly, teach them ways to face their mistakes. Help them learn the various ways in which they can clean the mess until they themselves are sufficiently smart enough to come up with ways on their own. Such training will definitely help them when face things in life and help them clean the messes they make on their own.

When kids learn to tackle such issues along with your constant help in the kind way, they will definitely be more encouraged towards doing things on their own and meet up to your expectations.

6. Never call your kid “irresponsible “

Never label your child to be irresponsible, if they have some issues like losing things quite often, help them tackle with such situations rather than constant nagging. This will help them deal with such situations and become more responsible. Remember that kids are under the process of self development and are constantly learning new traits and things, therefore make sure to provide them with the necessary help at every stage smartly.

Some Final Words

These are some of the small things that Indian parents could definitely think of incorporating into their journey of parenting so that they can raise kids that are responsible enough to take care of their own problems and experiences coming up in their life. Life is all about various challenges and therefore make sure your kids are sufficiently responsible enough to take care of it themselves. When they learn the importance of accomplishing their commitments and managing themselves, it is when you need to know that they have become responsible to take care of themselves.

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