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Health Insurance For Infertility Treatment

In the United States, an estimated 6,000,000 women experience the travails of infertility each year. To what extent a woman is eligible for an infertility treatment discount depends significantly on (1) the kind of coverage needed (2) the state in which the woman resides (3) additional facilities like insurance incentives by the company employing the woman.

Infertility insurance is very expensive because

(1) treatment for infertility is very expensive and (2) its procedures are very complicated. That is why most companies do not include infertility coverage among the kinds of policies offered.

When a company does offer a policy make sure you read the fine print because the policy may not cover the actual costs of diagnosis and fertility treatment procedures.

Some states like New York have a mandatory infertility coverage law. Due to this, it becomes necessary for insurance providers to design policy plans for infertility treatment within the framework of an affordable price. In those states that are not bound by such a law, insurance companies have the option of refusing an infertility policy.

In states where infertility insurance is not mandatory, insurance companies can well refuse to offer you coverage. However, you can appeal to them, with sound legal and medical help, on the grounds that treatment for infertility is an essential and legitimate medical procedure.

Even if you are refused policy coverage, infertility treatment is tax-deductible. Consultation fees, cost of the procedure, and amount spent on prescribed drugs, all come under tax deduction.

There are different kinds of coverage for infertility insurance. Trying to determine what is causing the infertility is by itself a complicated procedure and eligible for coverage (diagnostic infertility health coverage). Besides this, you can opt for a policy to cover medical procedures helping a woman get pregnant like

  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • Required surgeries
  • Assisted procedures for reproduction 

Second Pregnancy

How to procure the Infertility treatment insurance

  • Consult the doctor about the insurance policy that will cover the infertility treatment costs
  • He/She will be able to tell you the specific policy that would help you bear the treatment costs
  • If you already have a health insurance policy, consult them about the possibility of covering infertility treatment in your policy
  • If your existing policy does not cover infertility enquire whether it can be added to your existing policy or if you have to procure a new policy just for the infertility treatment
  • If you are not able to procure clear quotes for infertility insurance, you can contact the Insurance section of the state department and find out the facilities available in your particular state.
  • If you fail to procure a policy from any of the insurance providers this is what you have to do
  • If you live in a state where infertility insurance is mandatory-you can appeal, with legal assistance, to the insurance company to provide you the policy.
  • Read the information about the company. If infertility has not been specifically excluded in their coverage plan, they would be obliged to offer you policy coverage for the same when you seek it.
  • If the infertility coverage is denied write to the company demanding to know under what provision and for what reasons the coverage has been denied
  •  If the company states reasons like treating infertility is still an experiment, or that treating infertility is not medically essential, you can be assured that these reasons are invalid and do not hold water.
  • You can now include a letter from your doctor certifying that treating infertility is a legal medical procedure and should be covered by insurance to make it affordable.
  • Maintain all correspondence only in writing. In case you call the company remember to record the conversation or maintain notes of the dialogue

If the denial by the insurance by the company does not fall under any of these issues then examine your application with great care, seek legal and medical help in order to claim for the insurance in a manner that it would not be denied.

 Infertility treatment insurance is difficult to procure as it involves large costs and complicated medical procedures. Many insurance companies shy away from handing out infertility policies. In some US states, like New York, infertility insurance is mandatory. You can seek legal assistance and help from the doctor.




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