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Hairspray in Checked in Luggage

Hairsprays contained in aerosol cans are not restricted to checked-in baggage.  It is only important to remember that the quantity should not exceed three ounces and the container should be packed in a plastic bag with a zip seal.  The plastic bag should be of one-quart size.

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It is also important to see that the nozzle is well sealed with a cap before you put the container inside the plastic bag, in order to prevent inadvertent oozing of the contents.  That is why it makes sense to buy containers with screw-on tops rather than pop-up tops when you want to pack them in the checked-in luggage.  As an extra precaution, you can seal the top of the container with adhesive tape.

Hairsprays in aerosol containers are allowed in checked-in luggage only so far as they are not made up of flammable ingredients.  If they are then this type of hairspray is banned.  The Federal Aviation Administration of the US provides a list of items that are prohibited because of their flammable ingredients.  

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Here are some rules to follow when packing up the luggage you check-in. 

  • The most important thing you should do is to read the temperature rating required for the hairspray and check whether the temperature in the plane you travel on allows you to pack the hairspray in checked-in luggage.
  • If the temperature in the plane is too hot or too cold it may lead to the contents in the hairspray container blowing up. For instance, when planes fly at cruising altitude the temperature may probably fall to -55 degrees Fahrenheit which may not be suitable at all for you to bring aboard the hairspray
  • Hairspray and similar aerosol container products are allowed on flight only if the total capacity of the products is less than two liters
  • Every single item in the checked-in luggage should not have a volume of more than half a liter
  • Each container packed should not contain more than 18 liquid ounces
  • Though plastic bags with zip locks are not mandatory for packing hairspray in checked-in luggage, you can always use them to prevent accidental leaks
  • A good way to pack a hairspray container is to put it into a plastic bag and tuck it in between tightly packed clothes in the suitcase or bag
  • Instead, if you place the container right on top of all the clothes you have packed, there is a chance of it leaking or getting damaged when other luggage is piled on top of this one

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