Hairspray in Carry-On Luggage

Hairspray in Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage in almost all airlines would consist of one piece of baggage.  It could be a carry bag, an attaché, or a small kit bag.  There are several rules of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and some rules peculiar to the airlines you chose to travel, to that govern what you can carry in your carry-on luggage.

The rules tell you what should be the maximum weight of the luggage, and sometimes even the size of the toothpaste you should carry!

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If you are well aware of these rules, it would make it very easy for you to plan and pack the essential things you would like to carry in your carry-on luggage.

  • The piece of luggage should fit into the storage space provided for you overhead or under the seat in front of you
  • The FAA regulations recommend that the carry-on luggage’s dimensions should add up to 45 inches (ideally 22X14X9 inches)
  • Trying to take a bigger piece of luggage may result in you being stopped from boarding, especially if it is a full flight
  • The hairspray you carry also should be according to FAA specifications
  • For instance, the 3-1-1 rule allows you to take three ounces of your hairspray.  This should be sealed in a quart, plastic zip bag
  • Cosmetic products in gel form are also allowed only in three-ounce quantities
  • Most hairspray manufacturers have now come up with convenient-sized containers of the product for you to take when traveling.  Their trial packs are also available in convenient sizes

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Hairspray in Carry-On Luggage Parents Talks

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How to pack hairspray

Once the flight has been booked, plan what clothes items you would take and fit them neatly into the carry-on luggage first.  Place the toiletries above the clothes, packed in the quart-sized plastic covers as specified.  This way you would be able to access them easily.  If you place them inside the bag before the clothes, it would be a task hunting for them.

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If the attaché/bag you are taking has outside pockets, save them for smaller, lighter items than the toiletries.  There are some points for packing the toiletries in carry-on luggage.

  • You must pack every gel or spray in a plastic back with a zip fastener that is not more than 8X8 inches in dimension
  • The hairspray should not be more than 90 ml or three ounces, as mentioned earlier
  • The release valve of the hairspray container should be sealed with a cap, to prevent inadvertent leak
  • If the hairspray you take in the luggage has been purchased at a duty-free counter, the purchase should be after the security screening point
  • When you make a duty-free purchase, place the toiletry in a convenient region of the carry bag
  • If you purchase the duty-free hairspray in US or Canada, it will be delivered to you at the boarding gate or pick-up point in a STEB (sealable, tamper-evident bag)
  • The zip fastener of all plastic bags that contain toiletries, must be sealed completely
  • The container must fit easily into the bag and not be crowded in; the bag should not be too small for the container
  • The bag should be X-rayed individually
  • Once it is made known that you would be carrying liquid/gel toiletries in the carry-on bag, the bag may be subjected to a second check
  • The total quantity of liquids/gels you carry should not exceed 2000ml (about 67.6 ounces)

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