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Hairspray Colored

There are occasions when you simply want to let your hair down.  You may want to shed your usual image of a smart sober dresser and change over to something a little mischievous.  Colored hairspray can give you ‘fun” look and make you look trendy.  Some people go for an interesting single color while the more adventurous ones get their hair colored in multi hues.

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When you opt to use colored hairspray there are certain things you have to be wary about. 

  • Hairspray has to be applied carefully in order that it does not come in contact with your eyes
  • Follow instructions carefully, as written on the label of the container to color hair effectively without causing damage to the hair, or creating a mess
  • Allow the spray to remain on the hair only for the recommended time.  If the color remains longer than that there is a great likelihood that the health and texture of your hair will be damaged.

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Variety of colored hairspray

Today there are hundreds of colors and color combinations in which colored hairspray is available.  There are many brands that are superior in quality and absolutely safe to use.  You have a wide range of colors like blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and several other combinations.  For an informal do you can opt for a bright color while for a formal party you can get the kind of spray that will highlight the color of your hair and make it appear shinier.  

Using a colored hairspray is quite simple.  Style and set your hair in the way you want and then simply apply the colored hairspray you want.  Colored spray easily gets washed off the next time you wash your hair.  Spraying allows for a fine mist of color to coat your hair the way you want it. 

Besides the spray, hair can be colored with cream concoctions or with gel.  The coloring gel for hair tends to last longer than the cream.  However, colored hairspray has to be removed the instant you want to remove the color.  Also, it makes sense to ensure that the color suits you by spraying only a small section of your hair.  If the color does not suit you, you can immediately wash it off.  

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Why colored hairspray is popular

  • The spray can color your hair only for as long as you want it.  For instance, you can have wild hair coloring for a party one evening and then wash it away to attend work the next day
  • For the sleek, well-groomed look – you can spray on the colored hairspray to make your dark hair appear darker and shinier
  • It is ideal for Halloween dos and plays acting
  • It can cleverly cover the grays when you want to appear younger at a gathering
  • Help make your hair appear thicker with a streaking effect of color
  • Most colored hairsprays from reputed manufacturers are free of harmful ingredients like bleach and peroxide which can make your hair become dryer and lusterless.

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