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Hair Remedies For Damaged Hair

A healthy, lustrous head of hair is a sign of beauty in all cultures. Hair needs a bit of regular attention and care to look its best always. In today’s times with poor personal health and hygiene, lack of time to care for hair, and at the other extreme, too much hair treatment makes damaged hair all too common. Hair damage covers a variety of complaints regarding the quality, volume, and texture of hair- from excessive hair fall to split ends to dull frizzy hair.

While with age, the quality and volume of hair decreases, excessive graying of hair is a problem. One good thing about hair problems is that the problems are corrected once the underlying cause is identified and treated.

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Damage to hair generally is caused due to the following causes:

  1. Exposure to excessive sun.
  2. Overexposure to chlorine water in swimming pools
  3. Excessive use of chemicals and colorants on hair, bad styling such as tight ponytails
  4. Use of heat treatments that damage the hair cuticles
  5. Lack of nutrition which causes excessive hair fall
  6. Pregnancy and childbirth due to hormonal changes
  7. Medication – some medications for chronic diseases can cause hair fall
  8. Continuous exposure to harsh weather or chlorinated water

Hair damage can be corrected by avoiding crash diets and by partaking in a balanced diet rich in proteins. Keeping the hair covered while moving in the sun or while swimming avoids hair damage by exposure to the elements. Salon treatments involving the use of chemicals to color perm or straighten hair damage the hair texture and must be avoided. The use of hot hair dryers, straightening irons and metal curlers expose hair to excessive heat and damage the hair cuticles.

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Home remedies for damaged hair:

  1. Trimming hair to get rid of split ends helps to a great extent.
  2. An effective conditioner to treat damaged hair can be made by mixing the pulp of a ripe banana and an avocado. The pulp should be applied to the hair and scalp and left to soak before being washed off.
  3. Mayonnaise is a very effective home remedy for dull hair and split ends. The beaten mayonnaise should be mixed with egg yolk and applied like a hair mask for an hour.
  4. Gooseberries should be deseeded and sundried. The powder should be warmed in an iron pan and applied to the scalp and hair to promote the glossiness of hair.
  5. Hair oil made of equal quantities of olive and coconut oil should be applied to the hair and scalp twice a week for best results.
  6. A hair mask made of egg yolk and sour curds cures the problem of frizzy hair to a large extent.


Do not comb wet hair.  Keep hair clean by regular washing and avoid harsh cosmetics or treatments.

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