Hair Color Removal

Hair Color Removal

Consult a hairstylist about the right shade to pick, so that there are no color disasters.   Yet, after coloring your hair, you may not like the new color and would want to revert back to the original color.  This is not an improbable task.  It is quite uncomplicated and can be accomplished effectively by following simple instructions.    It takes two to three days for the hair color to set.  The more you delay the color removal, the more difficult the task becomes.  For instance, if you want to remove the color after 72 hours, it would be best to get it done by a hair care expert.  

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Hair color removal by professionals

  • He/she can camouflage, combine colors or highlight your hair in a manner that the hair color mistake is well taken care of
  • Hair experts usually never make mistakes when handling hair color removal issues.  They have a reputation to maintain and solving your hair problem satisfactorily bringing in a lot of goodwill and excellent business – No stylist would be liked to be remembered as the person who ‘makes your hair turn purple
  • If the hair coloring has been done by the stylist, he/she will not charge you extra for its removal.  If they charge you for it, then you have the freedom to choose another stylist for the color removal
  • If the hair coloring has been done by the stylist, he/she will know what is wrong with the new color, much better than anyone else and is best equipped to repair or remove it

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Removing hair color at home

If you have bought a home hair color kit and the problem arose in spite of following the instructions on the label, you should contact the manufacturer.  Most companies have a toll-free helpline that will tell you how best to solve the problem.  The contact number or website address would be printed on the instruction brochure or on the label of the product.

Getting your hair cut in a simple and becoming new style, not only distracts attention from hair color but also gives you a more groomed and attractive appearance.  Hot oil massage helps fade out hair color.  You can get it done either by a hair expert or by someone at home or a friend.

Hot water is anathema to hair color… to some extent.  Regular shampooing with hot water can make the unwanted hair color fade faster.   Volume shampoos add volume and body to your hair.  It acts by reaching up to the cuticle of the hair to help create the impression of the fullness of the hair.  Use these shampoos to help fade the hair color.

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Effective hair color removal at home… some important tips

  • Use a deep conditioning agent after shampooing hair to fade hair color faster.   If the conditioner also has a low pH value, it helps speed up hair color removal
  • If you want to bleach your hair you have to get it done by a hair care expert
  • Hair color removal agents usually leave tell-tale stains if you are not careful -Cover your clothing with protective gear before you begin the hair removal procedure
  • Hair color removal products are harmful to your eyes.  Protect your eyes against them.
  • Always follow instructions on the label of the hair color removal product
  • If you have colored your hair with henna, then removing its color is not an easy task.    Shampooing regularly with hot water fades out the color, and gradually

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