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Hair Color Keeps Fading

Hair color is more likely to fade if you have used a temporary hair color.  Temporary hair color does not have harsh chemicals and will fade away after about six weeks, depending upon how often you shampoo your hair.  Temporary color is either applied to the whole region of the hair or sometimes only at the roots.

Though temporary hair color hardly contains harmful ingredients today, incessant use may tend to destroy hair, especially if the hair has become porous, and allows the hair color to reach hair shafts.

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Permanent hair dyes stay for a longer time.  Permanent hair color remains on the hair for a long time because they penetrate hair shafts and change the chemistry of the pigments just beneath the outer surface of the hair.   Yet, permanent hair colors fade too.  But applying permanent hair color time and again whenever the color fades is not advisable, due to the presence of so many chemicals in the product.

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There are some simple ways in which you can delay the fading of hair color.  Here they are. 

  • There are special treatments in health care saloons that can help maintain hair color and decrease fading out to a large extent
  • Wait for two or three days before you shampoo your hair after the color treatment; after that wash your hair once in 2/3 days rather than every day
  • Shop for hair color-enhancing shampoos, like Paul Mitchell Color Care.  They help maintain color for a longer time and maintain the luster of your hair.  They are available in a variety of shades.  Use them once a week
  • Anti-dandruff shampoos tend to fade out hair color; use a mild shampoo instead if you want the color to last for a longer time
  • If you are accustomed to products that help increase the volume of hair, you would have to refrain from using them.  Volume increasing hair products act on the cuticle of the hair and this will  speed up the hair color fading

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  • The sun too can fade out hair color.  Use a hair sunscreen whenever you have to spend the day in the sun
  • There are shampoos available for hair that has been colored; buy products from reputed manufacturers that include more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals
  • Wash hair in tepid or cold water.  Hot water fades out the color
  • Refrain from straightening hair every day. Heated flat irons remove hair color quite efficiently! Straighten it for a couple of days every week to help keep the color on your hair.  However, if you intend to blow dry or straighten hair regularly, use a heat-protecting hairspray before the process
  • Postpone heat oil treatments as they remove the color from your hair faster

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