Habits That Prepone Aging Process

There is an internal biological clock inside everyone’s body. It is this clock that controls the overall aging process in a person. You cannot stop this clock, but you can change its speed. If your living habits can control the speed of this clock. A person with a good and healthy lifestyle will have a clock that ticks slowly, but a person with ignored and unhealthy lifestyle will have a fast ticking clock in their body.

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Now, it’s basically upon you, what you want like a fast clock or a slow clock. The aging process gets most prominent on the face, with wrinkles, dark eyes, and dull skin. Along with that, it brings many health-related problems that are to be solved only by medical help. The main reasons that can make the aging process fast are tension, the pressure of work and family, an unhealthy lifestyle, and ignored physical health. One needs to overcome all these to prepone the aging process. Out body is like a machine that needs oiling every now and then.

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Here are ten habits that can help you to prepone your aging process:

  1. First, don’t only think of eliminating the visible signs of aging. Look at your overall health and then take the necessary decision. Getting cosmetic surgery done will only be a temporary solution.
  2. Maintain your weight. An obese person will age faster than a normal person.
  3. Have a regular checkup for your fitness level.
  4. Be active in your life, laziness can speed up the aging process.
  5. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and sprouts in your food. Whole grain and fish should be a part of your regular meals. Avoid food items that are rich in fat, especially junk food.
  6. Include proper proportion of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamin D is very important when it comes to controlling the aging process in a person. Vitamin D is produced inside our body if our body receives proper sunlight. Get yourself exposed to sunlight for some time about ten minutes (but remember too much sunlight can even trigger the aging process).
  7. Drink a good amount of water throughout the day. Three liters or more of water is the best suited for people as it helps in throwing out toxins from the body.
  8. Exercise is the key to maintaining your health. Nothing can substitute exercise. A regular habit of working out helps to maintain weight and slowdowns the aging process. 30 minutes twice or thrice a week is enough for a normal person but should increase for already overweight people.
  9. Brisk walking helps to maintain weight and keeps you fresh and healthy. Every day if you walk for at least 30 minutes, you will be away from the ill effects of the aging process.
  10. Bring down your stress level. For this meditation or physical work is the best way. Did you know the fact that an angry person can bring out all his toxins by doing physical work like gardening or cleaning?

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