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Guide to bonding with your child

It can be difficult to bond with your child but it can be fun with the under-mentioned points. Keep doors of communication open and think of them as a friend. Being Mom and Dad,  always try to become awesome parents of your kids

Kids can talk anything under the sun to them and they respect their honesty and validate their emotions. In a way, they also create a boundary within which they have to live.

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Tapping into your child’s sense of wonder can make you bond with him.  The activities like throwing rocks into sewers, playing with bubbles in the bath, or stomping in puddles, let them enjoy simple things in life and you be a witness with them. Have a great time with your kids before school going.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Bond with them in park or when they acquire a new skill like reading or baking. Also, they show great physical abilities here as well as great cognitive function. Read them stories that speak of kindness, friendship, self-esteem, and identifying and expressing feelings. Also, create a lovely and healthy parent-child bond.

Grades 4th through 5th

Here comes the role of great independence and autonomy. Here, they develop a keen interest in games like a sports team and music lessons. So, show up to games and enjoy your special bond with them. Attend their events and encourage them in music lessons. Talk to them and have some conversations like self-love and peer pressure. As early adolescence is on the horizon, take care and gel with them perfectly.

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Middle school

There are hormonal changes and big emotions running around. So, you have to be on your toes taking care of such emotions. Share with your child as much as you can and you can feel it the vibe with them that they have become your confidante in many terms.

High school

Here, he is an adult and he is friends with other people of his age rather than his parents. Talk and communicate it out. It is beneficial for the longer term.

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Other methods to bond with them:

  1. Play Games with them- go to a mall and take them to the games corner. Gel with them. Go out and play football, basketball, and tennis with them. Communicate over a game that will take the stress out of you.
  2. Teaching a,b, c– educate them as it is a weapon they can use. Education is a big thing and is like a treasure after all. So, bond with them and have the fun of your life.
  3. Chocolates and candies- reward them with motivation when they do something great. You can buy them an ice cream which is most loved by all ages of children. Overdoing it can make them greedy or overweight in adult life. So, do in moderation.
  4. 4. Spend some time with them- give your attention and time to them as they are love-starved. Giving them time is like saying you care for them in a special way and you are their loved child. It is exactly being like a confidante and understanding their issues in a new way. Solving them and presenting a solution.
  5. Family dinners- you can talk to them at the dinner table. Teach them some table manners too.
  6. 6. Pets love- go and take your dog on a walk with them. Bond with them here and while driving, it will solve all the tensions and problems of his life. Give them punishment too where it is needed like not giving pocket money or stuff like that.
  7. Keep them as a friend- take them as a friend for life. Understand them. Understand their problems and find solutions for them. Give them as much time as you can give. This is a stage of developing a healthy relationship with them for years to go by, you become a source like a raw friend to them.

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Bonding at any age can seem daunting but little effort can make it easy and have fun with your parents at any age. Your love is not visible by love, you have to communicate and read and ask for your help. Nobody reads your eyes these days. When our actions are motivated by love, they tell a tale of fostering healthy relationships. Tell them we are there for them at a call away or at a voice of help away.

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