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A Guide for Age appropriate toys (0-1yearsold)

Toys develop the learning skills of the babies along with playing and they enjoy being busy with the toys. This is the best investment for children’s development. But it is very necessary to choose the correct option for the babies’ which they really like and show interest to play with them. The best toys help the babies to develop attention, learning the coordination between hand, eye and legs, develop motor skills for rolling and crawling and even they start producing some sounds and say their first word in excitement.

The parents always get confused in choosing the correct and skill of developing toys. Which toy to buy for the babies under a particular age? Will the toy be beneficial in baby development? Which is the harmful toy for babies? Will it be worth to invest in the toys? And the never-ending questions just to select the toys. Being a new parent these are very common things to get confused. But don’t worry I am going to solve out your all queries and clear your doubts for the selection of right toys appropriate to age.

I personally did so much research on the selection of toys for many sons and it really worked. All the toys have hidden learning things but it is important to give those toys according to age so that the babies get the profit. So, come and check the age-appropriate toys for the babies under 1 year old. Check Out:

Toys for 0-3 months babies

This is just the beginning and as you know that newborns cannot touch and even their vision is also blurry so they can’t see in the starting. So to purchase any toy for a newborn is a waste of money. But after some days you can invest in colourful and sound producing toys. Let’s have a look at some of the options.

  • Hand of parents: This is the best toy for babies under 3 months of age. They love the mother’s touch and like to hold your hands. You can make him play by moving your fingers.
  • Bright clothes: The babies are attracted to bright colours and they love to move their eyes towards bright colours. You can tie a red hanky on his crib to make him busy. This is no investment toy for babies.
  • Colourful toys: The colourful toy attracts the baby’s vision and they move their legs and hands to touch them. The revolving jhoomar on the crib will help them to do the activity.
  • Wind Chimes: The colourful wind chime with soft music is liked by the babies. Its soft voice gives them a pleasant feeling.

Toys for 3-6 months babies

In between 3-6 months the baby’s visions are fully developed. They also know how to hold things. In between these months, some babies also started to crawl and move a little bit. So, the selection of toys for this age babies are totally different. Have a look:

  • Play Gyms: You can buy the playing gyms just a little before your baby gets 3 months. However, it will be more beneficial for babies after 3 months. The playing gym is the activity doing playing stuff which actually helps in the bodybuilding. The babies try to reach up and play with toys that are dangling over their head.
  • Rattles: The sound producing rattles have many textures and materials that appeal to baby’s different senses. They learn to explore the uses of hands, mouths, and feet with coordination.
  • Teethers: After 5 months the babies are blessed with their first tooth which can be painful and irritating for the babies. At that time they love to chew all the things to relieve the itching on the gums. This is the best time to introduce them the good quality teethers.
  • Stuffed soft toys: Invest in the stuffed soft toys for babies. Avoid Soft toys with plastic eyes and mouths, the one which has bells, buttons, ribbons, and yarn to prevent the choking hazard.

Toys for 6-9 months babies

This is the stage when your child will start to grab the things around him. Now they don’t want to sit on apace but they want to do different activities like to scooting around on her stomach, to rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, then to crawling and pulling herself up to stand. The toys will explore his learning skills.

  • Bath Toys: Introduce bath toys to the baby to make his bathing time more interesting and full of activities. They even squeeze their hands in water to hold it.
  • Blocks: Babies love to play with blocks at this age as they stack them on the top of each other. Through these types of toys, they learn about the different size and colour of the blocks.
  • Walkers: This is the best period for the babies to introduce them the walkers. This will help them to roam in the house on their own legs. The moving toy on wheels helps the babies to make them learn how to walk.
  • Balls: The balls are liked by all the babies. Invest in almost all size of balls but ignore the small one which your baby can easily take into his mouth.

Toys for 9-12 months babies

In between 9-12 months you will see a tremendous change in your baby’s activity. He will start standing and walking by holding the wall, bed or any other thing. And by the end of 12 months mostly the babies were able to walk without any support. Check out the toys which are appropriate for this age:

  • Push or pull Toys: Introduce the push and pull toys to your babies as they can walk so they will love to do this new activity. However not all the babies can walk at this age but those who have started walking can make the smart choice of buying these types of toys.
  • Musical toys: Babies loves the good sound and what will be the better option than musical toys. They will love the music, enjoy the dance and even love to press the button which produces sounds.
  • Household items: This is the stage when babies want to take all the things he looks around him. I think that the kitchen utensil is babies favourite playing stuff among all the other toys. The sound produced by the utensil and their different shapes and sizes attracts them.


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