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Great tips to be an awesome dad

Read on to how you can manage to be a father. All these tips will help you into the fatherhood thing. How you can turn out to be a great dad and still cope with the world of whining and diapers and still be happy at it. There are no doubt pre-baby worries, but how can you overcome them. 

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  1. Don’t worry is the first step

You need not worry about being a great dad and the first step is to be a good husband. From prenatal days you can start and love being a father at this time too.

One thing that your child needs is a stable, loving home. Work to make your marriage solid. You needn’t know how to hold her right, how to burp her… you have to just be a good husband.

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Dad with daughter at home

  1. Try living normal pre-child life as soon as possible

First-time parents make a fuss about parenthood and do not leave their babies. It should be like this that babies travel surprisingly and both parents should return to their normal routine after having a baby. Take your baby out to breakfast with you, take them on trips, shopping, on airplanes. Don’t be stressed about the fact that you have to tie to baby 24 hours a day. 

  1. Give mommy some time for herself

Give mommy some breaks as mommy’s job is harder than daddy’s. So to take proper care of your infant, you both strike a deal that dad will be there to help during the breaks. Mom needs time for herself. Women have the market cornered when it comes to taking care of newborn babies. Let the mom take breaks, let her visit her girlfriends or mom, and let her go to the mall and watch a movie. Give her the time of her life and don’t let the infant’s life take a toll on mom 24 hours a day.

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  1. Get up with mom for the late night feed

At late hours too, newborn babies think they are on a cruise ship and they demand a buffet. Means they need a good dose of feeding. Let you both share stories at this hour and let mom/father both take responsibility for burping him late at night. Having a kid is wonderful but it’s not that easy. 

  1. Be affectionate with your baby

What kids do understand is– a loving touch. Hugging them, snuggling them, and kissing them make them feel loved in one way or another. It’s a normal way humans communicate love. He will jump into your arms when they see you. Telling them you love them is meaningless as they don’t understand but loving touch can be magic.  A simple peck on the forehead, a quick hug before school, or even tousling their hair can convey a lot.

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  1. Treat your kid the way you want to be treated as when you were a kid

How he disciplined you, encouraged you, criticized you, and molded you. Being a dad is a sign that you love your offspring. Your own upbringing can help you to become a role model in that sense.


  1. Don’t ever abuse your kid

Don’t hurt or hit the mommy or child. Give him the love he deserves from you. Make him special by not showing signs of disregard or disrespect. Also, never be verbally cruel to your child. Give him self-esteem by praising him affectionately.

  1. Advice on raising children is everywhere, and it’s all contradictory, so be very careful which guide you adhere to

Talk to other parents, read books, parenting magazines, and online articles to get as much information as you could. Also, go with your gut feeling and that little voice inside your head that tells you to take wrong/right decisions.

  1. Enjoy yourself. Time flies.

Time flies like anything. Kids become bigger and bigger every damn second. Mind it, you won’t go to deathbed saying wish I’d spent more time at the office, you would say wish I’d spent more time with my daughter. So, give them enough time. Take them to an amusement park, volunteer to be a coach of their soccer team.

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  1. Learning what kids want most from their dad is their time

They need “dad time” and they want you around you most of the time. They want your attention, your opinion, your focus. They want to be with you. Each and every story, every moral, every hug, every kiss, every time you discipline them, every time you wipe away their tears, every time you buy them popcorn at the movies- it will all make sense one day. Your jokes, example, wisdom, kindness, your wisdom. They all rub off.

So, here you are molding your little’s mind that impression which can make him see you as role model and he imitates you and becomes like you in the years to come. All these tips will let you become an awesome dad.

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