Gray Hair Shampoo

Graying hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you are growing old, and need to use products meant for old people. The graying of hair is attributed to the fact that a special hair pigment stops growing. Therefore gray hairs need special treatment and therefore, using just any shampoo for your gray hair would not suffice. So, how should one look for shampoos that take care of gray hairs? Generally, gray hairs are dry and rough, and hence, you need to have a shampoo that keeps it smooth and compensates for the lost nutrients in the hair. Although many shampoos claim to be suited for dry and rough hair, special gray hair shampoos are tough to find.

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Hence, we are left with a limited choice if our aim is to get a good treatment for the gray hairs and perhaps bring back the natural hair color or at least give a darkened shade. There are certain products in the market which claim to bring back the color in a few weeks or even days, but these may be full of dyes and is sure to damage the condition of the hair further. Therefore, always prefer a shampoo that creates a gradual change in the hair color. It would not give you an immediate effect but take care of your hair condition as well.

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Let us first discuss the reason behind graying of hair. There are certain cells in our hair follicles called melanocytes that produce a pigment that is the reason behind the color of the hair. However, with age or due to other health problems, the production of the pigments decreases, and at a time, the melanocytes stop producing such pigments. The hairs that grow after the stoppage of pigment production are gray in color. Basically, the hair produced is transparent hair, which when compared to the darker and better natural hair seems gray in appearance. Therefore it is a sign that the hair is no more healthy and needs special care. However, a lack of vitamin B12 and fatty acids like Omega 3 is known to be the cause of gray hairs also.

Therefore, gray hair treatment must be such that can replenish the two components: Vitamin B12 and Omega-3. While B12 can be consumed in form of tablets or common food items, there are shampoos that contain Omega 3. Shampoos containing Omega 3 work in a way that the shampoo reaches deep into the follicle to assist the growth of pigments responsible for the natural hair color. The oil in the shampoo is also known as follicle awakener because of its action and its main ingredient happens to be the fatty acid, Omega 3. Omega 3 shampoos have helped in regaining the original color, and also prevented people from getting gray hairs.

There are different products in the market that provides different features. Some shampoos will help you regain the original color, while some gray hair shampoos will assist you in just enhancing the hair’s quality and would not deal with the color. There are people who like to keep gray hair as a style statement.

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As mentioned above, gray hairs need not mean a sign of old age. Some people carry gray hair pretty well to make them look attractive. Therefore there are certain things you should do to your hair to keep them in the best possible condition and make a style statement out of it. Here are some of the tips to treat your gray hair properly.

  • The gray hair shampoos are good for the hair, but excessive use would lead to adverse effects. Hence, shampoo should be applied only in small and recommended quantities. The same goes for other hair products like oils and moisturizers.
  • The hair should be kept protected from the sun’s harmful rays, such as ultra violet rays. These rays make the hair go dry and damage the hair to a large extent.
  • The gray hair must be moisturized regularly with proper conditioners specifically made for gray hairs. Since gray hairs are dry, they need to be watered every alternate day.
  • For styling effect, one may think of coloring the hair with some other shades which blend well with your gray mane.

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