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Grandparents are best friends of babies

The bond between grandparents and kids is so wonderful. Read through the article to know why grandparents are the best friends of babies.

  • They have all the time in the world: they are mostly retired and they have no pressure on the workplace in the back of their mind. They can play with them and love them without having to worry about anything.
  • They think that grandchildren are the best companion ever and they want to take them in their arms forever. They know the value of time and how time flies.
  • They are many patients. As they are retired and slowly discovering the beauty of life. For example, they are exploring the garden or watching birds on the trees.  They take life moment by moment.
  • They teach new lessons to children from appreciating nature to respecting each other. From being kind to each other and also being gentle to animals. They also help them in learning preschool lessons as grandparents make them do their homework properly.
  • “What’s a shooting star?” “Why is tomato red”? They know answers to these tricky questions. They have lots of knowledge and experience which are useful for children.
  • Not just physically present, they are mentally present all the time. They give you much attention you crave for.
  • Their love is boundless which helps to achieve bigger and better things.
  • They have connected and emotions which lets their hearts out to their grandchildren. It is because of them that they learn and be able to love certain chores. They make them learn new things like a little bit of cooking, dining habits, colouring, handwriting etc.

Their relationship is of love and friendship. There is no better place to rest in grandparent’s lap. Their love and devotion are priceless. They are second parents to children and transform their lives in every possible way. They have silver hair and a heart of gold. Plus they are indispensable in care, education and protection of children. It is a win-win situation for both child and grandparent. Their love and bond can’t be compared to any other thing in the world. Grandchildren feel spoiled and pampered by their grandparents. Their love is limitless.

In case, parents are divorced then grandparents act as a source for support. When children feel weak or left out, they ate there to offer cooperation. When mom and dad are not home, grandparents take care of the children. If children are asked to choose, then grandparents are on top of the list. They take care of children’s interests.

Children are more prepared for school when they have grandparents as their company. They learn maturity and wisdom from grandparents. Grandparents give children sweets, sing for them, recite those stories, watch movies with them, and stay up till late. They are kind of caretakers. And children also enjoy spending time with their grandparents. They take them to pool in summers, to dance class, to music class, etc. They act as a confidant. And also have good listening abilities which let them share good moments with their grandchildren.

Grandparents have lots of knowledge, experience, and memories which help the children to prepare for the future.  They also tell them when children are doing something wrong.  Children learn what is important in our lives.

They recite many short stories and read them to their bedtime like thirsty crow, snowhite or Aladdin. Grandparents help them spark interest in lives and boost their imagination. Infect, they help them grow in their growing years. Grandparents are best friends because secrets also can be shared between the two. They play, they giggle, and they share conversations which help them strengthen their bonds and emotions. They understand each other and also they act as the best company.  Nowadays, as families are disintegrating, grandparents don’t live with parents because of nuclear families and other ambitions and aspirations.

They are truly best friends to the babies because of the love and friendship which both share. They are retired and have the full time to focus on the child’s development and their care. They teach them morals and life lessons.

They are always fun to be with.  They are a pillar of strength and love. No matter what happens, they are always there for you.

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