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How To Do Hair Plucking

The art of plucking is not very difficult and women have been doing it for quite some time. Getting proper shape by plucking the eyebrows is not an easy task. You can try to do it yourself, but there is no guarantee that you will get the perfect shape and create beautifully shaped eyebrows. One small mistake and plucking of the wrong hair can spoil the shape of the eyebrow. There is no other way to safely shape the eyebrows. You cannot wax it as it is very near the eyes and wax is hot and can damage the eyes. You need patience to do it, especially if you are doing it for yourself as you have to look at the mirror, again and again, to see if it is being done properly or not.  Both eyebrows need to be in symmetry with each other and match each other’s shape.

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If you are plucking your eyebrows by yourself then you need to do it just after having a bath or shower, at that time there is very less pain and irritation. If that is not possible, then it is better to apply a warm cloth to the face for a few minutes. The warmth of the water will open all the pores so it is easier to pluck the hair and it will create less pull on the skin so there will be less irritation and inflammation of the skin.

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To start the plucking procedure you have to be sure that there is a mirror in front of you and there should be plenty of natural light so that you can see everything clearly. Hold your skin tight with one hand and with the other pluck the hair from the direction of the growth. If you don’t have to give shape, then it is best to pluck the hair from the sides so as not to disturb the shape. If you want to give it a different shape, then you should try to outline the shape and then pluck the hair from one place to another.

You can use a white eyeliner pencil to shade over the areas of the brow that you are going to pluck, this way you are able to pluck hair and will know what will be the result. There is no chance of mistakes this way that you won’t be able to fix. When you start plucking the eyebrows, the step you take is to pluck the stray hairs that are here and there. The next step is to pluck beneath the eyebrows and move upwards slowly so that you are able to define an arch.

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It is best to get it done professionally for the first time as getting the initial shape is not easy. Proper care has to be taken and the shape should be precise. The professional will not make any mistakes. Once the shape is formed, then there is no chance of mistakes and you do it at home only as you just have to maintain it. The shape and tidying up can be done at home.

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