Teenage habit changing

Girls changing habit during teenage

Hello to all parents, today our blog is for the parents of teenage girls. As the girls enter the teenage they start to adopt some of the habits which they had with them for the lifetime. However, some of the habits are good but some of them are bad too. The unhealthy eating, late sleeping, late wake up, spending time on the internet, love dates, making online friends and many other such activities which are not good for their age group. These are some of the bad habits which they merely follow during these ages.

As parents, this is our responsibility to restrict their bad habits before they adopt it. So, be alert and keep an eye on the changing behavior, attitude and nature of your daughter so that you can analyze what next changing habit she is going to adopt. Talk to them softly, just like as a friend otherwise they will go against you. Teenage is a very sensitive age in which a girl can either make her career or she can ruin her life with some bad company.

Here is a list of some bad habits of girls which they adopt during teenage:

Unhealthy Eating:

The girls think it cool to eat all day without thinking about their weight. This is not a good thing because this can make the girls obese which is bad for a lifetime.

Nails biting:

The nails have so many bacteria and consider as one of the dirtiest parts of the body. During teenage, the girls like to bite their nails when they are in tension or sitting alone. Later this became the lifetime habit.


Flossing is the process in which the teenagers use the thin thread to remove the food from teeth. According to the dentist, this is also the habit of many adults.


This is a very bad habit of teenage girls and if it is adopted once then it cannot be improved. Procrastination means avoiding the given task that needs to be done by a certain deadline.

Pool Girl

Skipping meals:

Girls are so much conscious of their weight and thus they start skipping the meals. This is not a good habit because skipping meals can make the girl’s body dull and weak.

Junk foods:

Some girls skip the homemade lunch just to eat the outside junk foods which are unhealthy. If this habit is adopted during teenage then they will not like the homemade foods even after they will grow up.


Girl’s favorite habit is gossiping and if they do bitch of anyone then it is not a good habit. This habit is also adopted even when they go out for higher studies or job.

Please, thank you and sorry:

The habit of saying sorry, please and thank you is good and should be followed from childhood. But some girls don’t like to say these words because of their ego and high attitude. Always make your daughter to say these words when needed.

No Savings:

Make your daughter’s habit to save the money so that they can adopt this habit for their entire life which will be very beneficial to improve their financial conditions.


This is a trend for girls to stay online all the time. They spend a lot of time on the chatting, watching movies, downloading or having fun with strangers.

Food wasting:

There are many people in the world who don’t even get the proper meal of two times to feed them properly. Don’t let your child adopt this habit during teenage. This is really very bad habit.

Telling lie:

The teenage girls start to hide many things from their parents and thus they tell lie to parents. This habit is also not god as it they will be habitual of telling lies to the people and no one is going to trust them for a lifetime. At one point, the time will come when your daughters have to feel guilty and they will be embarrassed in front of many people.

Unplanned planning:

The unplanned things can be rocking only n reel life but in actual the planning things get success. If our daughter is adopting the habit of unplanned schedule then restrict her and say to make a plan for the whole day.

Hiding the phone use:

If she is hiding her phone using time, then there is something wrong which she is doing on the phone. Be alert with her phone use and keep checking her phone. You can also tell your daughter to use the phone in front of parents because they don’t have any problem if she is using the phones.

It’s not that teenage girls only adopt bad habits. Here is a list of some of the Good habits which the girls adopt from their teenage and they always proved to be beneficial for the lifetime. Check out:

Healthy eating:

The girls are very good at establishing healthy eating habits as compare to the boys. Proper breakfast, lunch and dinner, healthy snacks, chewing the food properly, never eat in a hurry, green veggies in the meal, avoiding the oily and spicy foods, Proper intake of water are some of the best ways to keep the body fit, healthy, energetic and hydrated.


The teenage girls get inspired by the people who do the daily exercise on a routine basis. Morning Walk, Zoomba, Aerobics are some of the best ways which they adapt to keep themselves healthy and active for the whole day.

zumba dance girl workout



Brushing for two times in a day is again a healthy habit. This shows that your daughter likes to stay hygienic and loves the cleaning process. If once this habit is adopted they cannot resist themselves for not brushing the teeth for a lifetime.

Sleeping routine:

The sleeping routine of every kid should be early to bed so that their body gets relaxation to form the proper sleep. The teenagers who sleep early seem to be more energetic and healthy as compared to the late sleepers.

Alcohol and smoking:

Alcohol and smoking are the most attractive things for teenagers. Smoking and drinking is not a good habit. If a teenage girl will understand this then she will never try to do it. This both is the cause of many problems like lung disease, gastrointestinal ailments, kidney failure and many other life-threatening health problems. So, if you seem that they are indulging in bad habits then educate them about cigarettes and encourage them to stay away from smoking and alcohol.


If your teenage girl knows how to respect the people then he is really going to get success in her life. So, teach your girl to respect the elders as well as the younger. Educate them that if she will give respect then only she will receive the same.

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