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Get Rid of Sagging Belly Skin

Sagging skin in the stomach gives the distorted shape and everybody wants to retain their original charm. People having excess sagging skin around the waist are prone to heart diseases. Pregnancy is one of the main causes of sagging belly skin in women. It results in expansion of skin which becomes loose after childbirth

Diet: This is one of the most important parts of sagging belly skin. It is better to divide the diet and have meals four to five times each day instead of overstuffing the stomach with foods that bulge and stretch the sensitive skin in the stomach. It is important to have a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables which are full of nutrients. Snacks, fried and oily food must be avoided at all costs as they contain excess fat which can give extra bulge to the belly skin. Reducing the weight gradually by following a strict diet regimen will not make the body weak which is necessary for skin health.

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Exercise: Regular physical exercise can help tighten stomach skin. Stomach tightening exercises can be done after consultation with health care experts. Old fashioned situps are extremely useful where a woman lies on her back and slowly lifts the upper part of her body. Crunches, squats, oblique crunches, cardiovascular exercises and reverse crunches, abs toning exercises tighten abdominal skin and help regain original shape. The additional muscle mass will be created by the amount of fat burned to give it shape. It can be due to pregnancy or weight loss. It is better to seek the guidance of a licensed physician or fitness expert before starting any exercise pattern for ladies. Weight training or strength training exercises have given excellent results for sagging belly skin. Stomach crunches are the best skin tightening exercises for men. Other exercises like jogging, spinning, swimming, and situps are effective. Bhujangasana in yoga helps to make the muscles around the stomach strong
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Skin tightening creams: It is highly recommended to seek guidance from experienced professionals before selecting the cream. Collagen in creams works on strengthening the skin. Usually, skin tightening creams decrease permeability in the capillaries and promote healthy circulation of blood. Oil produced from natural resources like herbs (example: Aloe vera, Wakame Kelp) are some of the ingredients in creams for sagging skin. Stretch marks can be reduced by massaging with anti-stretch mark lotions which contain Vitamin E.

Surgery: Plastic surgery options like tummy tuck called by the scientific name abdominoplasty, wherein the loose skin and excess fat is removed to make the stomach flattened. There are various types like complete abdominoplasty, partial abdominoplasty, etc. The disadvantage is that this surgery can cause permanent scars in the areas around the stomach. Women who want to have children in the future should seek the advice of physicians.

Surgery should be considered as the last option after all the natural methods attempted have ended in failure.

A well-toned stomach with a slim waistline has become the fashion for men and women in recent days.

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