Gestational Diabetes – A treatable form of diabetes during pregnancy

Amid pregnancy, a few ladies tend to get high glucose levels. This condition is termed gestational diabetes. If you happen to get diagnosed with gestational diabetes while you’re pregnant, it doesn’t imply that you had diabetes before your pregnancy. A thing to keep in mind is that gestational diabetes raises your danger of having type 2 diabetes later on if not cured at a proper stage.

It is important to get a proper hands-on cure for sugar during pregnancy as it can likewise enhance the risk of your kid getting diabetes later.

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What are the common symptoms of gestational diabetes?

It’s rare for gestational diabetes to cause sure shot signs. But, if you do encounter symptoms, they’ll likely be mellow. These symptoms may include:

  • exhaustion
  • obscured vision
  • excessive thirst
  • need to urinate frequently
  • wheezing

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Kind obstetrician examining pregnant belly in the clinic

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What causes gestational diabetes?

The correct reason for sugar in pregnancy is not yet known. However, hormones present in our body likely assume a role in this disease. When you’re pregnant, your body produces a high measure of a few hormones, including:

  • human placental lactogen (hPL)
  • hormones that increase the resistance to insulin

These hormones put an impact on your placenta and help to support your pregnancy. After some time, the measure of these hormones in your body may increase by itself. They may begin to make your body resistant to insulin.

The main role of insulin is to help move glucose out of your blood into your cells, where it’s utilized for providing the required amount of energy the body needs. In pregnancy, your body normally turns out to be somewhat insulin resistant, with the goal that more glucose is accessible in your circulatory system to be passed to the child. If this resistance becomes very strong for the body to handle, your blood glucose levels may rise unusually. Thus, this is what can cause gestational diabetes.

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Who gets sugar in pregnancy and why do I need to get myself tested for the same?

You are not alone. Roughly 2-5% of pregnant ladies get gestational diabetes. The screening for sugar in pregnancy generally happens between 24th and 28th week of pregnancy. Specialists test for gestational diabetes in these weeks of pregnancy as the placenta during this time is known to create a lot of hormones that may cause insulin resistance in the body. In the event that the screening turns out to be positive, further testing would be done to confirm that it is actually gestational diabetes.

If I am screened positive for sugar during pregnancy, how will I undergo the treatment?

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The essential method for treating gestational diabetes is controlling your glucose or sugar levels. Your doctor and you can take the following steps so as to guarantee that you keep up a healthy level of sugar in pregnancy that doesn’t harm you or your baby.

  • Close checking of you and your child
  • Self-checking of blood glucose levels
  • Insulin treatment, if essential
  • Diet and exercises that are specially made to cure the same

Should I be scared of something, if I am diagnosed with high levels of sugar in pregnancy?

In the event that gestational diabetes is analyzed and treated viable, there is a little danger of complications to follow. If treated on time and with priority, ladies with gestational diabetes can have normal healthy babies, and diabetes will also go away after delivery.

But, if gestational diabetes isn’t dealt with at the right time, consequences for the mother and baby can include:

  • Higher birth weight of the baby
  • Premature delivery
  • Increased chances of cesarean delivery for mother
  • The slightly expanded danger of fetal and neonatal death

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It is likewise imperative that you watch for the symptoms of high levels of sugar during pregnancy after delivering a baby. Thus, eating the correct type of food during pregnancy and following a light exercise regimen tend to be the most ideal approaches to control sugar in pregnancy and avoid excessive weight gain.

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